✍❤✍ HIS SON – CHAPTER SEVEN (Main) ✍❤✍

By Jessy:

  Hilda came back few hours later, with the house fully arranged. I had her sit down while I narrated the whole thing to her. She was shocked on hearing everything, as she was sure she had locked all the doors before leaving for work.
  “Who could have done this?” she asked.
  I shrugged my shoulders and started towards the kitchen. “Want something?”
  She answered with a shake of her head. “I’m full,”
   I bit my bottom lip and raised my head to check if the cereal I’d left on the top shelf was still there.
  Catching sight of it, I moved closer and stretched, getting ahold of it, as a paper stuck out from under it.
  “What’s this?” I dropped the cereal pack and picked it up, rubbing my index finger on the edge, knowing I hadn’t dropped it there. “Hilda, come,” I called to my best friend as the words written boldly on it, sent shivers through me—
  “You’re dead?” Hilda read behind.
  “W-what does this mean?” I trembled with fear.
  “I don’t know,”
  I glanced over my shoulder, and turned to fully face her. “First, the break in. Now, the letter,” I read the words over and over again.
   “The sender’s trying to pass a message, no doubt…”
  “But who is it that wants us dead?” I tried to breathe, hands pressed against my stomach. ”
  “A mystery we’re to solve,” Hilda wasn’t left unshaken, as she stuck to my side. “We should leave this place, Anne. We are not safe,” she said, inducing great terror.
  I took a deep breath and exhaled, hoping it would make me feel lots better, as I looked at Hilda once more and asked her not to worry, making certain she wasn’t scared of anything.
  I called Uncle minutes I was done eating, and told him about some guy (if not more), who had tried to scare us, leaving the mysterious message out, which I also didn’t plan on telling Mum and Dad. I wasn’t going to let something so petty scare me, not when I’ve done nothing wrong.
  “So how’s our lovely lady doing?” I kept looking at my fingers as we talked.
  Dad’s brother was happily married with three kids; two teenage boys and one adult—partly adult. Chelsea was almost twenty, while Friedrich and Johnny were four years apart. Oh, and let’s not forget the little one cooking in the oven.
Being Uncle’s favourite was lots fun. I could go on for hours talking to him, as he understood me better… even better than Dad. I felt relaxed hearing him reassure that nothing was going to happen to me, and was glad to know that they were visiting soon.
“Oh, is that Annie I hear?” Aunt Loretta’s voice came, and I greeted.
“Hi Loretta,”
“Oh, dear. Is everything all right over there?”
“Nita was just telling me about the burglar who broke into their house,” Uncle Philip said to her, as she gasped.
“Oh my!”
My phone was on loud speaker, so I could hear everything well.
“Did they take anything, Nita?”
I smiled as though they were seeing me. “No, they didn’t. You don’t have to worry, aunt Lori,” I assured. “How’s the baby kicking? And, of course my favourite cousins?”
“Oh, they’re all fine, my dear.” Aunt Loretta replied.
“So, Nita… we are going to talk when we get back,” Unc Philip broke in.
“Get back from where?” I asked interestedly.
“Your uncle here wouldn’t stop worrying about going baby shopping,”
“Me?” I could hear Uncle laughing in the background.
“We’ll see you soon, Nita. Love you!” the call ended with aunt Lori’s voice.
I dropped my phone on the glass table in front of me and placed my legs on it so I could relax. I breathed in and out, and hummed slightly, swinging my head from side to side, as a knock on the door brought me to a stop.
“Who’s there?” I got no answer. I listened quietly, hearing it no more, as I made to continue, then it came again.
“That’s weird—” I stood up this time, making to answer.
I placed my hand on the doorknob, heaved a deep sigh, and opened the door as I saw no one but a brown package right on the floor.
“Who’s there?” I called again, looking left and right as I saw no one.
I gave a slight thought—brought about the weird feeling I was having, picked up the package, and moved back inside—what could be in it?




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