By Olufisayo Amodu:

How long will I go on
The feeling is strange to me
It is like a parasitic feeling
I feel clinging to you
All I can see is a face even in my dreams..

A thousandth years will not be enough
To prove the depth of my feelings
Am in a no man’s land
Short of words and actions
All I want to do is more everyday..

Sincerely am crazy and I have no choice
Options seem to be faraway
Let me just be here in your arms
If it will bring me joy or sadness I don’t care
Am sure you are full of joy…

If I am crazy let the rehab take me
I won’t be let out,I will be there for a long time
Reasons won’t allow me out no matter what
Because you are all I think of
And my diagnosis will fail..

– Your sincerely Olufisayo –

Olufisayo Amodu
Olufisayo Amodu
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