By Jessica-Ken:

Tyler had a toy car that he cherished so dearly. He loved it so much that he wouldn’t let anyone have it. Not even his brother.
“Tyler, let your brother play,” Mom said from the dining room. She looked over her shoulder and found him running towards the stairs. “Tyler…” Tyler had already gone up.
Tyler hid his toy under the bed once he was inside his bedroom, and made to lock the door so no one would come in. Moving back to his bed, he knelt and looked under it, as he saw his toy car nowhere. “Mom?” Tyler called, frightened. He got up from the floor and walked to the wardrobe. Pulling it open with his tender hands, he looked inside and shut it once more. “Where is my toy car?” Tyler was worried. He went wild, searching for his toy, but to no avail. He was left with no option but to go out the door, downstairs, where he would confront his mother.


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~Authoress Ciara

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