By Jessy:

“Are we there yet?” Jade Hadley’s voice came. “It’s taking really long, now.” Jade grumbled.

  Jade was a rebellious, almond eyes, teenager: A tenth grader with such shiny blonde hair, yay high and pretty slender at age sixteen, making her really flexible.

  “Yeah, Dad.” Daniel cut in. “My butt’s starting to ache real bad.” He said.

  Daniel was the exact replica of his father, but had his mother’s blue eyes with a Harry Potter glasses hovering around it. He was smallish, no doubt and pretty smart, despite the fact he was only seven.

   “Won’t be long now,” Mr Hadley said to them.

  “Oh, Jade, quit pushing!” Daniel shouted.

  “Me?!” She gasped. “You’re the one occupying everywhere with your smelly backside. I wonder if it ever stops growing,” She mocked.

  “At least it’s way better than yours….FLAT ASS!” He stressed, sticking out his tongue.

  “You scum…..!”


  “Nothing, Father.” Jade laughed.

  “Oh, it better be or else….”

  “I’m gonna be double grounded. So last season.” Jade scoffed.

  “Or worse.” Mr Hadley replied.

  “Yeah, yeah. Tell me about it.” Jade shrugged.

  “You doing okay there, boy?”

  “Doing okay?! Dad it’s fucking hot in here.”

  “Words, son. Words!” Mr Hadley cautioned.

  “Oops. Sorry.” Daniel giggled.

  “Will deal with ya later,” Jade whispered, acting normal again.

  “Dad, do you think Mum’s gonna be coming home for Christmas?” asked Daniel.

  “No, son. Don’t really think so.” Mr Hadley replied.

  “Like she’s ever free?” Jade scoffed.

  “Jade, you know your mum’s always busy at work, but don’t worry, I know she’ll come around.” He said, taking a peek at the mirror.

  Reading the expression on their faces, a faint smile broke across his lips. “You two okay there?” He added, “I know you guys miss your mum so much, and I know she does, but you gotta….”

  “Dad, look out!” Jade cried, seeing an haggard old lady appear suddenly.

  “Whoa!” Mr Hadley exclaimed, jerking the car to a stop. “Baby, why’d you scream so loud?

  “Yes, J! Are you crazy?! You would have gotten us killed” Daniel barked.

  “I…I thought I saw something,” She shivered. “I…Gosh! I’m so sorry, Dad. I-I shouldn’t have screamed like that. I just….”

  “Well, you keep your keep thinking to yourself!” Daniel broke in, eyeing her. “Imagine if dad had no control of the brake?”

  “Be quiet, Danny.” Mr Hadley hushed.

  “But dad….”

  “I said be quiet!” He glared, as Daniel huffed, averting his gaze. “Good. Now baby, why don’t you just listen to some music and take your mind off whatever thing you said you saw, okay? It’s just your mind playing tricks on you, nothing more.” He assured.

  “Okay, Dad.” Jade gave a reluctant smile.

  She took her headphone out, placing them on the sides of her head, as she listened to one of her favorite songs, sitting out the rest of the journey in silence, making no utterances, as they drove past swaying trees and old houses in the void, lonely street – Houston.


  Our new house was nothing like the old one. Even our rez was a lot more different from Triton and I hated the fact we had to move from such scenery to a creepy new house with nothing but weird, freaky pictures and cobwebs hovering on all corners. I’d have sworn no one lived here for years if not Dad knew all about it.

  “Psst, over here,” Daniel beckoned to me as I averted my gaze from the dark room.

I’d thought I heard whispering voices come from inside, but it couldn’t have been real, could it now?

  I made towards him with eager eyes. “What’s that?”

  “Man, you gotta see this.” He grinned, pulling me with him.

  “See what!? Danny, I swear, if  you’re gonna play your silly pranks on me, I will -” I stopped, my mouth wide open. “What the hell!?” I exclaimed, staring at the scattered tools lined up on the floor.

  “You ain’t seen nothing, dude.” He chuckled, motioning to his left.

  There stood a red carving on the scratched, faded wall; markings written in nothing I’d never  seen.

  “What does it say?” Daniel asked.

  “I don’t know, maybe -” I stopped to listen, hearing someone approaching.

“Ah, jeez! We’re so in,” Daniel panicked. “Dad can’t know we went this far. He’ll kill us!” He vibrated.

  “Shush. Come with me.” I tagged at his sleeves.

  I rolled my eyes around, scanning the room for a really good hiding spot, catching glimpse of a door at the far end. That door, I gave a slight thought, but got distracted at the sound of the footsteps drawing closer now.

  “I see it! I see a door up ahead.” Danny’s eye danced as he made to move around the tools.

  “Danny! Danny, come here,” I whispered lowly, having no other choice.

  “Hurry, Jade! Dad will be here any minute.” He said to me, turning the door knob as the door swung open, revealing an eye-opening secret.



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