The 99th Divorce – Chapter 1

By Vikksy:

The 99th Divorce

Chapter 1: Who Was the Murderer

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At 3 AM, Su Qianci went to the Li household hurriedly and said, “I want to see him.”

“I’m sorry, the young master said that Su Qianci and dogs are not allowed inside.”

Feeling an earthquake in her heart, Su Qianci felt as if something was dying inside her. She cried at the top of her lungs, “Li Sicheng, come out and let’s talk! The death of grandpa has nothing to do with me. I passed out, and grandpa was gone when I woke up!”

The guards stared at her scarred face coldly without a word.

“Forget it,” a soft voice said. A woman about twenty-seven years old was standing inside the iron gate. She was tall and slender. “He will not see you. Grandpa has just passed away. He needs peace.”

It was her, the public mistress of Li Sicheng, whom Su Qianci thought to be her best friend, Tang Mengying.

For five years, Tang Mengying had been the woman holding Li Sicheng’s arm everywhere they went. In the eyes of the media and outsiders, Tang Mengying had become the actual Mrs. Li. On the other hand, Su Qianci was no more than a decoration.

Tang Mengying walked down the stairs slowly, step by step. The guards respectfully opened the gate for her at her arrival. The treatment of the two women was so different that Su Qianci hated Tang Mengying’s guts even more.

“The two of you, go do something else. I want to speak to her alone.”

The two guards looked at each other, nodded, and left.

“I did not kill grandpa!” Su Qianci said.

“I know. Of course you did not kill him.” Tang Mengying smiled and walked outside of the gate. Soon, she came over to the pond that sat opposite the Li household.

There was a street in front of the house. On the other side of the street was the pond. Without any lighting over there, it was hard to tell where exactly Tang Mengying was standing.

Hearing her words, Su Qianci felt like something was off. She followed Tang Mengying hurriedly and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Of course you did not kill grandpa. You were knocked out by me, so how could you possibly have done that?”

Su Qianci stared her eyes wide at Tang Mengying, “So… It’s you!”

“Hush…” Tang Mengying put her finger to her lips, smiling contently.

“It really was you! You bitch. Grandpa was so good to you. Why did you…?”

“Good?” Tang Mengying interrupted, chuckling. “If it were not for that old guy, the wife of brother Sicheng would have been me instead of you. The old guy knew me since I was a little girl. He never liked me. He should have died a long time ago!”

“You are so treacherous. I will go tell them!”

Tang Mengying didn’t fret at all as Su Qianci was about to turn away. She smiled coldly and said, “You think they will believe you?”

Su Qianci paused and stayed where she was.

“It was the same when you tried to explain that you did not drug brother Sicheng. No one believed you.”

Su Qianci quickly turned around, looking at Tang Mengying incredulously.

Tang Mengying utterly enjoyed the look on her face and said, “And it was the same when you said you did not set the fire. No one believed you.”

“What do you mean, Tang Mengying!” Realization suddenly flashed in Su Qianci’s mind. “It was you!”

“That’s right. It was me,” Tang Mengying snorted. “But so what? Do you remember when you left my home? I almost died of stove leaks. You said you did not do anything. But who believed you? And later, when Sicheng was kidnapped by a cult and almost burned at an abandoned warehouse. Everyone saw that I saved him, but you were the one who was found at the site unconscious. You said you did not set the fire, but who believed you?”

Hearing what had happened in the past, Su Qianci unconsciously reached for her own face.

She pushed Li Sicheng out of the fire with all she had, but she did not run out in time herself. The fire ruined half of her face and her entire life!

She was the unlawful daughter of the Su household.

When she returned to her family at eighteen years old, she knew that the man she would marry was named Li Sicheng. However, she had no idea that he had a childhood sweetheart whose name was Tang Mengying.

After she married him at twenty years old, she was constantly compared to Tang Mengying.

Tang Mengying was a dignified and generous woman. Su Qianci was rude.

Tang Mengying was kind and beautiful. Su Qianci was treacherous.

Tang Mengying studied abroad and returned to China. Su Qianci did not even graduate from college before she was married to Li Sicheng.

She also foolishly treated by Tang Mengying as a good friend, from eighteen to twenty-five years old. However, she had no idea at the time that everything she had was destroyed by Tang Mengying.

Everyone knew that Su Qianci drugged her husband on the night of their wedding in order to provoke Tang Mengying. She also set the fire that almost killed Tang Mengying. She deliberately fell from the stairs to lose her baby in order to set Tang Mengying up.

Her stereotypical image made everyone blind to what she had done to be the match of Li Sicheng.

When she stayed up late to revise Li Sicheng’s proposal and became sick, they said she was hypocritical.

When she tried to cure Li Sicheng’s stomach ache and learned how to cook, they said she was calculative.

When she tried to make his grandpa’s wish of having a great-grandson come true and nourished the fetus at home, they said she was lazy.

After the Su family went bankrupt, they said she was a social climber and a bitch.

After she had a miscarriage, they said that she did too much evil and was unworthy of getting pregnant. Even her child was taken away by heaven.

Later, she gradually understood that Tang Mengying was always right. And that she was always wrong.

That is, until yesterday, when she woke up and found grandpa dead on the stairs of the first floor. When she was standing on the second floor and looking down, the police broke in, and she was naturally considered the murderer.

“You bitch, bitch! Why did you set me up like this!” Su Qianci threw herself at Tang Mengying like crazy.

Tang Mengying had learned martial arts. She dodged and held Su Qianci down, pushing her toward the pond.

Choking on water, Su Qianci started to desperately struggle. “Save…”

Bubbles rose.

Tang Mengying looked at her coldly from on the shore. “You go in peace. I will replace you and become Mrs. Li.”



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