By Jessica-Ken:


Chapter ✍❣ Six

I knew we were in big trouble.
“Baby, who the hell is this?”
“M-mum, I can explain—”
“Explain!” she rolled her eyes at us as she sought.
Excusing myself, not wanting to get between, I went out the door, down the stairs, wasting no time finding the front door, as I hurried out.


“My new boyfriend.”
I knew how overprotective mom could be.
She was going to scold me… that for sure. But I had to tell her that I was no longer a kid. A grown woman—in her final year. “Mom, Stanley’s my new boyfriend, okay? There’s no need to fret.” I took off my jeans and tossed it on the bed.
Making for the bathroom, she got in front of me. “Did something happen?”
I shrugged. “No.”
She said, “Well, that’s cool, cause you know…”
She laughed and got ahold of my cheeks. “Don’t worry, baby. I trust you.”
I bit my lower lip as she let go.
I was still scared, knowing Stanley had c-m in me. I hurried and got myself all clean, taking from my monthly allowance, as I rushed out to get myself the pill.


Arabel and Stanley started seeing each other more often. They spent most of the time together; half in school—and likewise going on dates. They made most of the time being together, making sure they never missed a day, until tragedy struck, and Arabel was forced to share the news.
“I’m pregnant,” she had planned not telling him yet, but found herself doing so.
“You’re what?”
She said again, “I’m pregnant,”
Stanley let go of her hand, remembering the many times they had had sex. “We-weeks—how many weeks?” he asked, shakily.
“A month,” Arabel replied. “I’d known about it for a while but didn’t want to say.”
Stanley’s jaw dropped. “A month?” he was shaken. “No, we can’t keep this baby,” he said in a serious tone. “We really can’t.”
Arabel was lost. “B-but why?” she could see the love in his eyes had disappeared. “Did you not think about this before…”
“We just can’t!” he didn’t let her finish. “Cause, Arabel, I’m betrothed.” he finally let out.


I’d thought he was cracking his usual jokes. Laughing stupidly and hitting his hand, I looked up at him, and said, “Oh, baby. You’re funny.”
He gave no smile.
“Oh, you’re serious?” I was feeling like I was going to faint, nauseous at the same time. Whoa—everything went blank.


“You okay?”
I woke up to worried, familiar eyes, as I groaned, making to get up.
“Stay down, baby. I’ll call the doctor now.”
I realized it was mom.
Stanley must have brought me here—the realization of what had gone on struck me.
A doctor came in next, followed by my mom, then Sylvia, as I wondered what was wrong, seeing the expression on their faces.
“Why didn’t you tell us?” Mom infiltrated the silence. “You have to remove it.”
I was lost for words. “No.” I found my voice, feeling the pain of having to abort my child. “No, mom. I won’t abort this child.”
“Do you see him here?” Mom looked under the bed as Sylvia made to my side. “Arabel, you really have to listen to your mother,”
“Don’t touch me!” I remembered the awful way she treated me, looking up at her. “Oh, now you want to talk to me? Because I’m all miserable and stuck with a child the father doesn’t even want!” I gritted.
“No, leave me.” I wished to be out of that place and not have anyone bother me.
Wanting to remove the drip, I felt bloated, feeling nauseous again; bursting into tears at the realization that I was really pregnant.

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