By Chinonyerem Chinwendu:

I called you my Ruth,
but you refused Ruth to Root
Your name is like a silver spoon,
but you prefer to be called back of a pot that is as dark as charcoal
You are Ruthless from birth
You have no Root called Ruth.

I prefer to stand strong on the ground,
but you’ve sent a strong wind to uproot me
Forcing me to change my name from Ruth to Root
But you’ve never allowed your friend to change his name from Ghost to Spirit
Thereby eating the Corn from Maize.

I’m a humble bee,
But do not allow me Be
For the Charity is now Vanity
Taking the van to eternity
Refusing to kiss the Jesus Cross
but received a certificate of kissing your man’s cross.

I have traveled to Cross River,
thereby crossing the river with cross
Visiting Ruth in the Rootless state,
Causing the head to bow like a respected axe.

Dear Ruthless,
allow me to visit you at University of Calabar
Where i will gain admission to study calabash in the University

Traveling from Owerri to Taliban
To uproot the repented Bokoharam whose name are not Ruth but Rootless in nature…

Chinonyerem Chinwendu
Chinonyerem Chinwendu
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