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            🍩🍫OUR TALE 🍩🍫
🍫Dennis Et Sheila 🍫

   🍩By Jessica Duru 🍩

  I’m Dennis Wayne and this is my story…

  You mean our story…

  And mine, too, baby!



  It was one snowy morning in Bristol town. Christmas was around the corner, and the air gleamed so bright and white. Mm… just few more days to go, I grinned, placing the pancakes on the table. Ooh, I licked my lips and began singing.  “I love pancakes… I love pancakes…”

  “And then she’ll say she’s not a kid.”

  I gasped and turned around. “When did you get here? I mean… what are you doing here?!” I squeezed my face.

  “The door was open,” My annoying jerk of a neighbor replied.

  “I didn’t say how –“ I folded my arms.

  “Ain’t you gonna give me anything?” He asked, and slumped onto the couch.

  “Eww. Get your smelly butt off my couch.” I ordered as he laughed.

  “Your couch? Seriously?” He laughed harder.  “Like where’d you get the money to buy it?”

  “From your dick, bitch!”

  He raised his hands to his mouth. “Bloody hell! She talks dirty.”

  “Gasp all you want. Now get up!” I stormed towards him.

  “Gee! Why do you always have to act like a guy?”

  I snarled. “Fine! You can stay… all by yourself!” I sighed, and made to leave.

  “And do you always have to leave, too?” He clasped my hand.


  “That’s my name, baby.” He winked at me. “My, Santa’s gonna be really mad at someone for making the naughty list again.”

  “Like I care,” I shone my eyes.

  “You’re too silly, Sheila Bane.” He chuckled and poked my nose.

  “Why you…!”

  “Wimpy Hart? Ha! Is that the only word in your dictionary?” He mocked.

  “Whatevs,” I stuck my tongue out. “Just go. I don’t want my parents meeting us here. And, eww, certainly not with you.” I continued.

  “Oh, I’m not scared,” He shrugged, and inched closer.

  I moved backwards. “Wh-what’ you doing? D-Dennis… Dennis –“ I felt my back graze the wall.

  “I’m going to teach you a lesson, Sheila Del Bane.” A naughty grin broke out on his lips, he moistened them. “You’ve been such a naughty kitty this year.” He added.

  I could hear my heart beating really fast. OH, God. What’s he up to now? I shook, and prayed the wall would just take me in.  “Dennis,” I breathed and closed my eyes.

  “Just stay still. It won’t hurt.” He whispered sweetly as a beeping sound came. “Oh!” He groaned, and pulled away.

  I heaved a deep sigh, and my heart went back to normal. What a close call, I thought and wiped my sweat off.

“What?!” He shouted suddenly.

  “Wh-what happened?” I shuddered, and moved closer.

  “Mum just had an accident,” He said amid the call as I gasped.

  “Oh my God!”

  He ended the call and said to me. “I need to go.”

   “I should come,” I spoke hurriedly.

  He nodded, and we both rushed off. “Are you sure you’re going to go be able to drive?” I asked, as we headed for his Dad’s other car.

  “I’ll manage,” He said.

  He looked terrified and I could tell. Poor guy, I sulked and got in.

  He got in, too, and kicked the car in motion…

  “Where  is mum, Dad? Wh-where is she?!”


  “I said where is she? I need to see her,”

  “You can’t, son. She’s comfortable.”

  “Comfortable? Comfor… I mean, how can you even say such?!” His eyes shone. “My Mum’s lying in there and you’re saying she’s comfortable? And by the way, where the hell have you been?! Mum’s been calling you for weeks and you never cared to return her calls, or even at least pay us a visit. What kind of a father are you?!” He barked.

  I was stunned at his sudden change of attitude, and also confused. I moved towards him and tried to calm him down, but he brushed me aside like I was invisible.

  “Son… calm down. This really isn’t the best time to do this…”

  “Not the best time?! It’s all your fault Mum’s in this condition! You know what, I’m going in.” He ignored him and gave the door a shove.


  “M-mum?” He called, shaken. “M-mum? No, it can’t be… it can’t be,” He shook his head, and a tear broke free.

  “Son, listen to me…”

  “No! No, don’t touch me!” He yelled, and made for her.

  I drew closer as my eyes met with the burnt figure on the bed. Mrs. Wayne, I froze as hot tears rolled down my face.

  “Mrs. Wayne was a kindhearted woman, a loving friend, and an amazing mother and wife. She’ll forever be missed… and never be forgotten. May her humble soul be received in our Lord’s bosom. Amen.” Father Richmond concluded, and we echoed an “amen”.

  “Thank you. Thank you.”

  I sat in silence, watching Dennis father thank the guests. I wonder where Dennis is, I rolled my eyes and stood up.

  “Where’ you going, young lady?” My Dad raised his brows.

  “Dad, Mum, I was only wondering if I could check up on Dennis.” I said.

  “Oh. Okay, hon. That’ll be better.” Mum approved, and dad alongside.

  I caught a glimpse of him at the far corner of the grill and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Oh, this is bad, I shook my head and walked towards him. “What do you think you’re doing?” I asked.

  “Oh, Mum. Your baby’s drinking again.” He said drunkenly.

  “Dennis. You know what, give me that!” I frowned and took the bottle from him.

  “Oh, don’t be such a kill joy. Just one more drink, hm. Waiter… oh, Waiter,” He sang.

  “That’s it! We’re going home!”

  “Home? There is no home.” He spoke. “Dad’s off with his mistress… and you, mum, you’re the one suffering everything.” He sobbed, bringing his head to my bosom. “He couldn’t even take care of you, not even his own son. It’s all his fault. It’s all his –”

  “D…Dennis…” I called. “Dennis, it’s Sheila.”

  “What’s this rubbish?!” Dennis Dad bellowed from behind.

  “Ah. Mr. Wayne.” Dennis chuckled, and looked up at him. “Come to yell at your son, huh? The one you call miserable and useless.” He laughed further.

  “Son, you’re drunk. Come on, let’s go home…”

  “I’m not going don’t anywhere with you. It’s your fault. You should have been there… you should have been there!” He ranted.

  “Dennis, listen to me. You have to…”

  “Just leave alone!” He thundered.

  “Don’t you dare talk to me in that tone, young man! I’m your father, and I don’t care whether you’re drunk or not.”

  “Ha-ha. My father?” He laughed. “My Dad will never abandon me.”

  “Oh, be careful,” I joined the drama as I held him in place.

  “Sh-sheila?” He squinted, turning in my direction.

  “Yes, Dennis. It’s me. You need to go home… please. You don’t look so good.” I joined the drama.

  “Sheila… oh, Sheila,” He fell into my arms and cried.

  I couldn’t imagine things could be this way. Seeing him like this made me feel worse, and I just couldn’t watch while he broke apart. “You’re going to be okay. Everything’s going to be okay.. I promise.” I breathed, and gave his Dad a final look.

  “Do you need anything? Do you want a cup of coffee? I could make you one, you know.” I said, curving my fingers.

  “Oh, coffee’s a grandma’s thing.” He laughed weakly.

  “No, I’ll do it. Just stay right there. I will be back shortly.” I said to him, and made for the door.

  “Sheila,” He called, and I turned around.

  “Mm? What’s it?”

  “Thank you.” He said, and I nodded.

  “You’re welcome.”

  Days passed and we began spending time together; I began seeing myself not being able to stay without him, and then I remembered what Hayley said to me some months ago. Is this really happening? I thought to myself as I walked to his house. “Am I really having feelings for him?” I thought aloud.

  “Having feelings for who?” A voice spoke behind, and I jumped.

  “Oh, Gosh! How did you…?”

  “I’ve got ears everywhere,” He grinned. “So who were you talking about?” He asked as his brows arched.

  “Ah, no one.” I said sharply. Can’t believe he heard me, I breathed, making a fast move. “Where have you been anyway? You didn’t come home last night.” I changed the topic.

  “Yeah, why? Are you the outing police?” He joked, and I frowned.

  “I only asked. Humph!” I crossed my arms. Good job, Sheila. Good job, I smiled at a job well done, and raised a brow. “Think I didn’t see you two?”

  “Ooh, someone’s jelly.” He laughed, and poked my ribs.

  “I’m not.” I scoffed. “Who was she? Your girlfriend?” I questioned, eyeing him.

  “Who?” He curved his lips.

  “The girl from last night,” I shrugged.

“Oh. You mean Linda?” He chuckled, and I felt stupid. “I’m sorry, did I say something funny?” I asked, as he went on laughing. “God. You’re funny.” He said between. “Linda’s a family friend. What were you thinking?”

  “Didn’t say I was, jerk.” I relaxed, a blush coating my cheeks.

  “Come on. Let’s go inside.” He clasped my hand and whispered. “Silly pea.”

  “Ugh! You’re so annoying.”

  “That’s my middle name, baby.” He laughed and pulled me into his arms. “Linda and I just ate out. That’s all.”

  “Okay,” I purred as he caressed my hair.

  “Say, would you like to go out one day? It can be anywhere you want, you know?”

  “Really?” I asked excitedly, and frowned again. “Oh, no. You’re just going to tease me again.” I sighed and pulled away.

  “Come on, I won’t.”

  “Promise?” I asked coyly.

  “I promise.” He smiled and hugged me.

  Months rolled by so fast and Dennis and I began dating. Every moment we had together was really precious… and I certainly did hope it wouldn’t end.

  “Aww, what a happy ending,” Dennis smiled as I finished the Tale of the Nightingales.

  “Like you were listening… and not making holes on me with those eyes.” I teased, and blushed.

  “Will you blame me? You do know there’s no one else in this world that is as pretty as my lady.” He praised.

  “Ha-ha. You’re always pulling my legs.”

  “I’m serious,” He said, and leaned closer. “We won’t be needing this –“ He winked, taking the book from me.

  “Oh, give me that, will you?”

  “You’re so stubborn,” He laughed and graced my lips with a kiss. “I love you, Sheila Del Bane.”

  “Aww, I love you more.” I smiled and melted into his embrace.

  ~THE END 🍫🍫🍫


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