By Jessica-Ken:

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I sat thinking of when my next job would come. I’d just been sacked with no reason given or even a hint. It was a big blow but it seemed God wanted it to be… else it wouldn’t have happened.
I dreaded the words that kept ringing like it was never going to stop—you’re fired!
All I could hear.
While sipping the hot cocoa I had made for that evening, I tried to separate myself from the voice but it kept coming.
Letting out a groan I knew was that of frustration, I sipped my cocoa again and brought the mug down at the sound of the doorbell. “Who’s there?” I stood up as my ears captured the sound.
“P-please—p-please. Please let me in.” it was a female voice. An angelic one as at that.
I rushed to open the door, seeing a teenager, yay high, shaky and half terrified, from my observation, smiling faintly at me with hands and feet trembling; I quickly let her in, ushering her to the sofa, as she sat, getting ahold of my cocoa like she owned it, gulping it down in seconds.
Ooh—I smiled deep down, seeing how cute she looked, though it was unmannerly belching in such way.
She asked for my name and I told her.
She smiled.
She seemed pretty shy. Well, that made me love her even more.
Love? I grinned like an idiot, uncertain about what it was. Could it be?
Her voice rolled in. “Are you alone?”
It sounded weird hearing her ask. “Yes,” I gave a short reply. “Is there something you’d like?” I went further to ask.
She seemed interested staring at me. Her eyes could almost make holes on me if they were given a chance.
I couldn’t help blushing—of course men do blush. Who was this girl, and what was her motive here? she looked strange.
She wasn’t one of the neighbourhood kids, that I was certain about. Who was she? I couldn’t help voicing out my thoughts. “Who are you?”
Her lips curved halfway. “Why so inquisitive?” she asked, first time not being shy.
“I told you mine, didn’t I?”
She gave a chuckle, a blush coating her cheeks. “Can I have a glass of water, please?”
She repeated, “A glass of water, Sir?”
I frowned, relaxing my face again.
Making for the refrigerator, I got out a bottle and shut it back. I walked back to where the girl was, handing her the bottle as I watched her open it and take the content in.
I was surprised at how fast she drank it all. Poor thing. She must have been really thirsty—or worse.
The sound of her name got chills up my spine.
Her voice sounded cold—
I didn’t like the feeling. It seemed as though there was something hidden. Something I needed to know—
“Oh no!”
“What’s no?” Abigail looked at me. “You gotta hide. You gotta…”
She disappeared as I froze.
“What in the world took you so long?”
I gave no answer.
“Hm. I thought I heard you talking with someone?”
I brought my lips together and forced them to spread giving a not so genuine smile. “What are you doing here?”
She took off her jacket. “What am I…?”
“I mean… how are you here?” I tried not to sound nervous. The thought of Abigail being a ghost still shook me. I couldn’t tell my girlfriend all about it. She’d freak out.
“You smell cheap,” she sniffed in my direction. The living room really had this smell I found hard pointing.
“So, um, how did you get here in the snow?”
She replied, “Oh, Jake darling. You know I’d do anything just to see you.” she giggled and moved towards me.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la, la la la la
‘Tis the season to be jolly
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Don we now our gay…
“Hi ya!”
“Abigail?” I couldn’t believe she was standing right next to me.
She smiled in her usual way, not feeling shy like before, as I asked her what she was doing here.
“I came to see you. Missed ya!” she rubbed my arm as she said. She looked jolly unlike before. I was loving the mood. Are you really a ghost—I made to ask—but stopped. It was crystal clear that she was one. Didn’t need a seer telling me.
Or anyone!
I wanted to ask why she chose to see me that day but my mind wasn’t letting me. There must be a reason, I thought. Although I was happy seeing her, I was a bit scared.
“Mm-hmm.” I cleared my throat and spoke: “You’re cheery today. What’s the secret?”
She looked at me. “I am?”
I smiled. “You are.”
She giggled and rubbed my arm again. “I just love the sweet smell of Christmas.”
I watched a sinister smile appear.

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