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  • The Tunnel

    Unique Ernest Onyenagbagha
    ...Its very heart breaking Groaning in pain in this dark torture chamber I'm trying to find the light at the end of this tunnel But its getting more deeper and darker here "I'm regretfully a ...
  • The Quantum Fall

    Oluwole Fapohunda
    2 weeks ago
    In his quest for vengeance He is swift in action He swears allegiance A fall to rapture In his quest for opportunities Ready to ride on To death's tune he dances The drum is torn An image to c ...
  • The Girl I Couldn't Love

    Abasiakara Monday
    A girl with perfect curves and edges I wasn't an artist, I survived on wages She had the flaws which I couldn't walk on That made us strangers with lovers bond A girl with a wonderful personalit ...

    Kareem Itunu Azeez
    6 days ago
    Set of DEVOTIONAL Books in VOLUMES of I-III titled: COVID-19 PANDEMIC Reflections and Tips for Kids by Bishop Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies are ready now. They are in 8 languages including: English, F ...
  • Ogbanje (spirit Child)

    Onwubuariri Jachinma Ruth
    4 days ago
    A certain descent has defiled time A subject of interest have they become Their existence is superficial Filled with myths and folklores He has had fathers of many clans And many women he had man ...
  • A Cry For Help

    Madu Ebube Shantel
    4 weeks ago
    I need help...a different kind of help... a unique help Left in solitude in this valley of pain and grief Where pain is happiness and despair - ecstasy Where tears is laughter and sadness -joy And ...
  • I Don't Want Us To Fight

    Frank Olunga Khange
    2 weeks ago
    I don't want us to fight The tears, the fears, the pain, and I will be insane. If you leave. I don't want us to fight. I will treat you right, kiss away your insecurities, and stretch eac ...
  • Nightmares; Remains Of What Looked Like Love.

    Onwubuariri Jachinma Ruth
    5 days ago
    They're disturbingly calm. The nightmares that play and swing in my head even when I jolt from sleep. Each takes a form recreating my kind. Empty and sad. Yet I carry around track of time and pain ...
  • Outside.

    Lucas Henshaw
    3 weeks ago
    OUTSIDE. Defeated sounds of beated chuck Taylors sang a sinister hymn against the wooden stairs as a dejected black boy departed the front lawn, a front lawn he knew too well as a kid. One he fea ...
  • Imagine

    Pelumi Shotayo
    2 weeks ago
    When you close your eyes You imagine a world A world of your dreams A world of laughter When you close your eyes You imagine a life A life with satisfaction A life of your dreams A life that ...


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