Tears Of The Sons

By Ekene Daniel 5 weeks ago

A country rejected its own

A Motherland betrayed her sons

A land of broken cisterns


His rejection extends across the Oceans

Not blaming his racial makeup

But his statehood


Self-denial of one's birthplace

Spark by it int'l reputation

Ashamed of our nationhood


Mirror at my very before

A cursed blackman starring at me

Who the world weighs less than a leaf


Sons without substance

Dreams in rubbles and debris

For the greed of the Fathers



Propaganda driven

Designed deliberately to swayed 


Preachers of Unity

Have been betrayed by their sermons

Helpless sycophant


A gospel of 'Good People-Great Nation'

Now seem biased 

Without foresight


Peace Preachers

Have heads bowed low

Like impotent men


Dumbfounded Orators

Visionless Youths-

Seeking leftovers from the Gladiators' table


Even the overly educated 

Is amnesic

That the Pen is mightier...


No affection for his brother

No tribute to the unborn

No love for a Nation


A Nation


A polity without nationalism.


A people, passionately unpatriotic

For her wealth

Lies in the belly of sacred cows

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