Oh Msimbi

By Frank Olunga Khange 2 months ago

The lady from my motherland,

the lady with a steel flexible back,

the one with glowing eyes,

with heart-melting smiles,

Oh, Msimbi.


The queen from Maragoli Hills,

with a pot-shaped figure,

when she talks the wind whispers praises,

when she sings birds take lessons,

her presence graces traditional ceremonies,

Oh, Msimbi.


What did your mom use?

Did she bath you with charms?

Did she visit the famous medicine man?

What is the secret of your astonishing beauty?

That makes other people's daughters' beautyless.

Oh, Msimbi.


The lady with beautiful neck rings,

and a bewitching gap,

her arms are like a trap,

and her beauty is like a plague.

Every man's dream.

Oh, Msimbi.


The queen of many titles,

who will be the luckiest man?

To wear the rings,

to listen to the charming voice,

the daughter of the village elder born to lead.

Oh, Msimbi.


Will you dine with me tonight?

And shower me with your glory,

as we share a creepy story.

Oh, beautiful one,

the village treasure,

the sacred jewelry,

Oh, Msimbi.




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