Bad Hair Day

By Precious Uko 2 months ago

Its 3am and my eyes are still wide open. I couldn't sleep but kept tossing and turning all night. I just can't seem to get over the movie I saw on Netflix last night. "Elevator Baby," what a movie!!! Nigerian movies are rising really fast above mediocrity and it's good. I tossed and turn again. Good thing Lagos had not woken up yet. I'd try to catch some sleep.

5:00 am

The shrilling voice of the Muslim's call to prayer woke me up, followed by the blare of car horns and the bus conductors shouting to get the attention of passersby.

7:00 am

"Obalende!!CMS!!" the conductor called out.

I quickly rushed to enter and sat quietly at the back. It took the bus about 10 minutes to be full and when it was done, it started moving. At first, it was moving really fast, then all of a sudden, it came to a halt.


  "I thought Lagos had not fully woken up," I muttered under my breath.

I slapped my forehead. "What do I expect from a city that buzzes from dawn to dusk?"

    "Babes, you won't believe what I dreamt of yesternight," the lady next to me said.

I didn't realize she was on a call not until she placed the phone on her left ear.

   "I dreamt I fell in love with a stripper," she whispered.


  "If there's a way we can unhear things, I'd be glad," I thought.

Quickly, I reached for my phone and inserted my earpiece in. I placed my head on the window and let the song pierce my ears.

8:00 am

I got down from the bus and took a brisk walk. I was damn late!! My workplace was still some miles away.

"If only I could fly"

    Still, in the course of walking fast, someone touched me on my waist from behind. I turned back to see one razz looking guy.

    "Why would you touch me like that?" I asked.

     "Fine girl," he said licking his lips.

How disgusting.

   "If you touch me again, I'd slap you," I said to him fuming with anger.

   "Wetin?" he asked. "I no got touch person again?"

   "Try me and see first na," I replied.

He touched me again. This time on my butt. With the little strength in me, combined with the way I was fuming with anger, I parried a slap to his face.

The way he reacted attracted passersby. After explaining what happened, two guys pounced on him and gave him a thorough beating. I wished I could stand and watch as he was being beaten, but I was extremely late for work.

    "No be say she dey indecent oo," I heard a man say.

9:30 am

I got to the office panting heavily. Tola walked into my office looking surprised.

   "This one that you're panting like this, did you do a quickie," she teased.

I laughed. "Please not now abeg'

    She scoffed. "Anyway, where are the files?"

    "What files?" I asked looking puzzled.

   "The files you took home yesterday," she said. "You said you were going to work on them"

I shut my eyes and hit my forehead hard. " Can today get any worse?"

    "What happened?" Tola asked.

   "I left them at home!"  

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