A Review Of 'RESONATING CHAMBER' By Daniel Idehen

By Olabisi Akinwale 2 months ago

A Review of 'RESONATING CHAMBER' By Daniel Idehen


Idehen's Resonating Chamber, like the texture of its meaning, is a spoken word piece- a chamber where resonating art, music and poetry meets. The poet's ability to craft our minds on the plaques of music and poetry to convey his message is quite celestial and deserving of applauses. The poet was able to break the norm of just words and words amidst spoken word poets and their pieces, by blending his words and music in a chamber, a tent and a soul where any listener could coil into and be greeted with the freshness of his creativity.

Resonating chamber hits differently, coupling how the piece started and the pace at which the messages are dished out in subtle interludes of music and  spoken words. It started with; 'As a child of God, a true believer, a christian, it's not just enough to sing...' and then cuts in subtly with his voice arraigning the remaining lines in a song (something i'll also like to call a musical-freestyle), this  act is not only creative, but one potent enough to capture any viewer or listener's attention to the end of the piece, unlike the habitual features of spoken word poets and their performances that sometimes attempts boring a listener, Idehen's Resonating Chamber would keep you afloat to shore and leave you thirsty for more.

It's also interesting to note that Idehen's 51 seconds spoken word piece is not one with the kind of depth complex to unfold, but one whose depth holds clear images of the poet's intentions- stressing the major culture of today's christianity, from Hypocrisy; 'you give Him your heart, yet your heart still beats for hatred and deception', to Self centredness; 'you [say you] live for Him alone, but alone is all you know...'. The poet's use of rhymes at this point of the piece is no doubt striking and much needed to savour his point of God's disapproval of self-centredness. He furthured by emphasizing true worship as more than just a act, but a gesture that sprouts from the heart, unveiling to us that as children of God, 'we have been equipped with an indestructible unction and audacity', to function and live above the lifestyle of hypocrisy and self-centredness. Idehen didn't only point out Hypocrisy and self-centredness as major culture of today's christianity, but casted our minds back to who we are in Christ and what we are engraced with for identifying with Him. Having noted the aforementioned, the poet creatively brought us to a poetically-theatric conclusion using a known meme , 'So therefore you are not a liquid metal neither are you an indaboski, for you are the righteouness of God in Christ Jesus...' The poet's craft at this juncture is much commendable, synchronizing diverse ingredients, yet maintaining a sumptuous taste.

Idehen's Resonating Chamber, like an alarm, ended with a reminder, '...and His banner over us is love', the poet elucidated by connecting this banner over us as the Gospel, the message we preach and live by as children of God. Idehen, in a way to leave his message resonating in every hearts, connected the end of the piece to somewhere in its beginning where he emphasized true worship, '...so anytime you are raising a song, let it be borne out of love and the rhythm from the depth of your heart, raising sweet melodies to our king.' 

The poet's subtle use of music in this piece is no co-incidence, but an excellent attempt to act the piece out, first, he was able to attain the feat of equating every christian to a worshipper, secondly, he steps in the shoes of a worshipper, ran our minds through a worshipper's worship, how some worshippers worship yet habouring hypocrisy and self-centredness, to true worship, and to how every worshipper is engraced with everything required of a true worship.

Resonating chamber is way beyond a spoken word piece, but a voice conveying God's mind in a resonating symphony. And if you're yet to listen to this piece, you should, so as not to be eluded the beauty of God's voice in a time like this.

Follw the link below to listen to this heart-rippling piece by Daniel Idehen:



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