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Young And Silly By Kerese Udofia

POSTED 03/13/2018 12:19:33
3409 Reads Young And Silly By Kerese Udofia, short story on Tushstories
A cold soft hand nudged me on the knee as adrenaline trickled down to my spines. My eyelids smeared open on beckoning the petty intruder. A short plump boy amidst my age - my replica, shot back a stare to my face.
"Dan, what?" I let out in whispers as churns off dizziness still relayed on me.
"It's mummy, she seeks your presence immediately"
"Okay" I weakly uttered and watched him leave the room.
I dropped my feet to the thick ardent black rug and jolted towards getting on a grey T-shirt amongst my clothing as I paced to the door, hovered in an impending torque on the door as it slid open. I then narrowed through the dark hallway leading to mum's room.
"Come in"
"Pass this to Bukky” she said pointing to the bed as my eyes strode behind her arms towards a red glinting dress on the bed's verge. Bukky was my tall light skinny sister who was almost twice Dan's age and mine.
I picked the dress and threw it on my thin shoulders, leaving her still engulfed on her knitting.
Going through the dread gloomy hallway again was quite easy for me, since I had used my hands as an aid on the walls lest I spin and hurt myself. Within minutes I found Bukky's room and drew in. The same room I and Dan shared before a depriving switch, the same room the two petty boys fought Bukky for. The fracas lasted close to a month till mum disclosed the room to Bukky without opposing threats from me or Dan, I could see the new swift burning in her ego. We lost it, though the strings of vengeance still lingered under my breath all day.
Today nothing changed much in the room, maybe just a bit. Its serenity is still at its peak. She only glues to the room, just her.This sometimes pisses me off.
"Sis this is for you, mum sent it", I finally spoke out after stealing glances at the room.
"Oh not mine, it's Gladys’"
"Gladys’? Who's Gladys?"
"A friend, she's coming over for the dress and will be lodging here with us for some time.
"Mum knows this?
"Eeh na, ya"
Before saying an "Okay" i intended saying, she was getting dressed and was about inserting the last button on the blue shirt she wore, I feigned a smile.
"So where is my big sister going?"
"Wanna go get Gladys, but…” she paused and raised a brow. "Be good when she's here"
I smiled again and watch her grab her bag and made way towards the door.
Just as Bukky left, I retired back to mum's room. There was an installation of light in our street, though only few inhabitants were opportune of it. The hallway was partly dark as light from the kitchen shone through it. On reaching mum's room she wasn't awake, she had dozed off.


Along the misty grasses is a pitch, at an alley close to a Presbyterian church where a new bishop serves. Dan had joined a football team, because of his podgy firmed body he was always tasked the role of a defensive player which be eventually became good at. I wasn't good like he was because I had no pleasure in it, my leisure moments were always with Kerese and his pretty little sister Chisom I had always admired. We would play hide and seeks, make cars and toys and laugh away our tedious days.
Today, I had promised Dan of watching his team play against an emerging team from the outskirts of our town. The match had already begun before I could make a breach. My eyes caught Dan, he was surging in sweats as the sun seemed to be poising earnestly on him. The match was worth watching.
In the middle of the game as I was watching it with keen interest, I felt a tap on the left shoulder, it made me peer over. "Hey boy, lower your head," A voice thundered among the four boys that sat behind me. I adjusted myself as if trying to prostate. "Why should he be sitting there?" A thin voice snapped.
I feigned as if I never heard that, they kept their cool till the match was almost ending.
I felt perturbed by the uneasiness under my shorts. I needed to use the toilet. Yes so badly, I left my seat to the quest of searching for one. On my return, Tobi, one of the boys I earlier encountered placed himself on the seat, I walked over to him to stay off it.
"I’m not leaving this seat, is it yours?" He uttered.
"Okay let's share it or just leave the seat please"
"I said I’m not leaving this seat, did you bring it from your house?" He added smiling as his other friends cheered him. I needed to do something, something to prove to this lads I wasn't a dullard as my mathematics teacher, Mr Okpo once said in class as it rose becoming my new name in class, even throughout the whole school.
With a quickening move, I jerked him off which sent him sprawling on the hard pebbly ground. Ripping fists fell on me like as though I was lost in an ocean of unknown faces, sands were tucked into my mouth, my bones crackled, a river gathered in my eyes. The moment was appalling, a moment I had to be obstinate to any torture with pains lingering and trends of vouching scars.
"Next time never cross our path or sour acid will be forced down to your throat" A boy with tribal marks uttered with remarks on his face portending to every word he gush with bits of incoherency.
"You heard that?”
"Ye..yessssss", I managed to speak with petty impediment. I poked out my tongue and felt the taste of blood oozing underneath my gums. I was in agony.
"Shut your eyes now and lie your head down" Another said.
I quickly obliged. I could hear the deafening sound of the whistle piercing through my ear now, I felt the boys left. I stood up after minutes. Who did this to you?
"Dan, it was those boys you saw sitting behind me"
"You mean Tony and his cohorts did this to you?" I gave up the response.
"He must pay for this, don't worry", he said as his voice inflected to the ends of the empty pitch.
He inferred a hand towards me, I held it and stood up and began leaping as his hands went across my neck. My legs were hurting badly.


Just as Bukky gave her words, she had Gladys with her on her return. Gladys wasn't as tall as Bukky was, but she had an impressive chubby stature with a fine ebony skin sort smearing on her soft body. I felt she was in her mid-thirties.
"I possibly don't know why they should beat you to stupor this way, where was Dan?" My father began on his sofa with an old 'The Nation's' newspaper finding solace in his hands as he flipped through the pages.
"I was still on the field dad" Dan threw in from his seat.
"You said you know them"
"I do".
"I will deal with them, no one touches my boys."
An urging smile swept across my lips cause father meant no empty threats, I knew him to be nicknamed the brute – His raged ticked the day.
On a Saturday night when the moon seemed to have illuminated vilely, the caressing of the air found me on our balcony fixing gazes to the blue sky. The nocturnal’s teeming whispers turned the night even to silence, a dim light shown from a distant neighbor's apartment. I was alone, hovering on Dad words. It's been two weeks now, father's promises were still pending, I needn't to further border him. Maybe I should tell Kerese about it so we could team up with Dan to avenge, have known about his brutality. He has helped me couple of times, maybe I should tell him, just maybe. I waved off the idea as it drained away suddenly.
I plunged into the hallway pacing towards the toilet to void out urine, Dan was peeping through the door's keyhole.
"Shhhhhh", He placed his forefinger on his lips indicating I should hush up. I moved closer to him.
"See", His hands came pulling me towards the keyhole. Chilly Butterflies outwitted me, I could feel the sudden agitation between my two legs. I thrusted my face again, Gladys's astounding figure dropped pressures of lustful desires. I was young though nearly off the rigidity of my pistle, I was ensnared by what my eyes fed on.
"Hey what's going on there under your short", Dan smiled as he shoved me aside. Dan noised the door.
"Who's there?" Gladys voice came behind.
I didn't wait for any second thought, I tiptoed to my room as fast as my legs could go. My breathing stopped after I cling to my bed, I certainly knew she would know that eyes were creeping up on her. As if that wasn't enough, I went under the axials of my huge bed. My only wish Dan wasn't caught.
Down to the hill in a region nearer to our school during the glacial harmattan, a successful revenge had fallen on Tony and his friends. It began one hot afternoon after school dismissal, we had eyes on them right from school. There, they were raided, double deeds on me were returned to them. The sight was pitiful, I had wanted this, Dan had craved for this. Kerese's enigmatic prowess was worth thanking. They were mercilessly dealt with. Oh phew!

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