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The Darkness Within By Obiyo Chukwuemeka Eugene

POSTED 01/30/2017 15:45:57
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As she woke up, she already knew that the new day won't be fun. She already knew it was going to be boring, despite the inspiration from the pastor from the previous day, being Sunday.
Jessica said her morning prayers, brushed her teeth, had her bath and other morning activities she does; just as she was about going to work on Valentine’s Day she recalled that she was single. Oh, the sadness that filled her soul.
She sighed, entered her Toyota Prius and drove to her place of work. As she entered her work place, the smell of Valentine filled the air, knowing fully well everyone will have dates, ladies receiving flowers, cards, necklaces, expensive perfumes and so many other precious items that made her nauseous. "Smh" she said in her mind. "I curse the day that nonsense bastard dumped me" she said almost shouting.
What she didn't expect happened almost immediately after she cursed out loud, that boring guy that always sat behind and almost close to the window, that could easily be a source of suicide came to her almost boldly and handed her a bouquet of lily flowers. It was like fate. Totally unexpected. At first she wanted to hug him tightly to the point of killing him, then she remembered that he is "that boring guy". She didn't know what to say, she could not explain her feelings at that moment. She collected the flowers, gave him a soft peck on the left cheek. Everybody was looking at the duo, of cause in Jessica's mind she was over filled with joy that she received at least one package from someone on Valentine’s Day.
"What a lucky bastard I am" she shouted internally!
It's not that Jessica is not cute, hot or sexy, it’s just that she's empty on the inside. I mean, when someone is overjoyed on the outside, and inside, the person is like an empty Jar, filled with no emotions whatsoever. But at that moment, she had feelings, a tiny pint of joy and love entered into her soul.
"Hmmm what could this be?" She asked herself.
She opened the package. "Omg!"
She wailed silently. Of course she didn't want anyone to know "that boring guy" gave her a Valentine’s gift. She continued working. At work closure, she went to the guy and had a nice chat with him, thanking him for the lovely package, gave him a "deep peck" on his left cheek. So deep you could see how she dug into his mouth from the side, like one digging for coal on a cold night, in a coal mine. She felt this was love, finally, she felt love and compassion. The guy, on the other hand was blushing like a 40 year old virgin that just had 3 rounds of uncontrollable kinky sex. The duo went for a drink, had a chat all evening. At a point, she felt a strong vibe to have sex with him that night, but sex on the first date is not in her "Book Of Rules".
"Riiiiiiiiiing" Blasted her alarm.
"It's morning again" she whispered and hissed angrily at the world.
Looking at the mirror, she cursed herself for not having big boobs like the other girls at work. At least her ass was manageable. "But am sexy and curvy at least, even Amanda does not and cannot look like me. Just because her tits are like really big, she's forming swag for Johnson, God punish that crazy bastard!" She cursed as she was having her bath.
To be honest, Jessica is beautiful. She's one of those few ladies that does not have a curvy body, but their beauty can drive you nuts! Some would call her an evil spirit that's in the world to kill and to destroy all of mankind. The only thing degrading her was her "really tiny lime for breasts". God punish devil" she cursed aloud as she was coming back from buying "okpa" and some pap.
"Hmm 4 missed calls", she said silently as she began to eat her breakfast of hot okpa and pap, with lots of milk and sugar. She would have added honey, but she rather died than have a drop of honey on her tongue. Hopefully it was not her landlord, she thought the month was over.
"It's Richard! Wow he called at 3am. Thank God this phone was in silent, it would have woken me up... hmmm, and a message".
"Hey Jessica, good morning, I had a great time last night..." She read.
"What a lovely guy, I wonder if he's a play boy to have such sweet words hidden under his tongue". She mused.
"... Riiiiiiiiiing!!!"
"What a beautiful morning!!" For the first time in a long time, Jessica didn't curse the sun for shining on her eyes. As she would do every morning, as the sun rays usually drops on her bed that is very close to the window.
"Morning routines done, now breakfast…" Reaching for refrigerator…
"Barnacles! Just bottled water. When will I start buying food, ehn?" She asked herself.
Reaching for her car keys, her back snapped a little, not that it was not a new thing or whatever, this time it was more painful. She should go for a checkup, but the laziness in her was just eating her up.
Driving to a nearby eatery to quench that hunger, and as the Devil himself would have it, her left front tire went flat!
"Wow! This is probably why I should curse myself and die! What is this nonsense wahala this early morning na?? And there is no nearby vulcanizer. My whole life, ladies and gentlemen!!!"

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