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Where Love Brought Me By Afolabi Precious

POSTED 02/13/2018 12:48:13
4199 Reads Where Love Brought Me By Afolabi Precious, short story on Tushstories
"Let's meet at our usual place, and please don't keep me waiting like the last time" she says.
Her chirpy voice mix and masters your heartbeat.
"Don't worry, I'll be there this time" you reply.
She hangs up the phone. You take a stroll down memory lane to the day you met her at the sports complex. How she told you how much she loved your denim jacket and how it fitted you perfectly. How you had jokingly told her you like her gown too and wish she could give you.
You proceed in the land of memories to the day she bought you a necklace. It's pendant, a heart shape. She calls you her 'Lee Min Ho', you call her your 'Jennifer Lopez'.
You were half convinced she likes you.
You reminisce again on how she recited a poem she composed for you that night, under the stars. How you laughed together.
A smile spreads on your face now. You notice you've been smiling the whole time and quickly try to look neutral again. But it's too late. Your roommate caught you smiling without an obvious reason and he says, "Have you seen Nicki Minaj's butt again? This one that you're smiling while your hot water is chilling".


You get to the usual place, feeling bad that she's there before you again. But she doesn't look annoyed. She flashes a smile as you approach. She looks so angelic.
"Damn! I missed you" she says. You see how happy she is to see you again.
You're fully convinced she likes you too. Just as much as you like her.
"Ode, so you couldn't call throughout the break abi" she asks.
You notice she's now so comfortable with you, to have called you "Ode". You're happy about it.
You reply "I was broke. So broke".
You look her in the eye, your heart beats faster. You have lot of things you want to say to her. You just think this is not the best time. You shuffle your brain for an interesting topic to talk about. Your instinct pushes you to gist her about your Aunt's wedding which is coming up in the 3rd week of August.
You show her pictures of the wedding Aso ębí on your phone. She likes the attire. She says she'll come if you want her to. You promise to take her with you.
"Ah! James, on your wedding day lason, I'll turn up. In fact, I'll do your wife's makeover that day. The Owambe turn up self will be dope" she hypes.
You wanted to say you'll do a low key wedding when you notice she said "I'll do your wife's makeover".
You heart breaks.
Then she shatter and grind the broken pieces when she says "Anyway, you'll be at my wedding too, right? I wish you'll be my husband's best man.
You imagine her headlining her diary that night with "JAMES' GRACEFUL AND HONOURABLE FRIEND ZONING CEREMONY"
You imagine her wedding day when you'll just show up at the church screaming her name. Men dragging you out, thinking you're crazy. Despair and pity written all over her face as she walks towards you. Her husband-to-be staring at her. She drops a tear as she pleads "Leave him", placing her hand on your shoulder.
Flames of rage and anger blaze up on her husband-to-be's face.
He walk over and locks your shirt. "What do you want?" he asks.
You reply, "I am where love brought me. I came for her" you say as you snatch the ring from him. You go on your knees and ask her "Will you marry me?"


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