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When Imaginations Roam By Victoria B. Willie

POSTED 07/12/2018 13:37
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Keyla and I used to be friends in every aspect of the word. We used to sit under the moonlight and bore each other out with tales of how cute our future kids would be, how handsome our husbands would be and how we'd never allow our mothers-in-law stay beyond a week in our different matrimonial homes. Such visions concomitant with childhood, we mutually shared. Our bond began from the days of cooking with empty tins of tomatoes and leaving them in the sun to simmer to gatecrashing different weddings every Saturday just so we could have a chance to meet Mr Right. We both jumped in and out of different relationships almost at the same time, and shagged the same dick. If it was exceptionally good, she'd testify and definitely I'd want to have a taste of it too. This we did vice versa only in flings. We weren't bad friends. No one influenced no one. We just were the fun duo, the type who loved to explore and conclude out of personal experience, maybe that was why, when I shagged Jake, the only guy Keyla ever loved, she saw it as no betrayal on my part but as an eye-opener into Jake's real self. Irrespective of our boisterous lifestyle, we never joked with church and Bible classes.
Keyla and I were literally sisters in every sense of the word. Our bond transcended earthly friendship. I mean, there were times I couldn't tell if my undies were actually mine or Keyla's because we bought the same type and design till we began sharing undies out of confusion and then argued over who wore which and who should wash which. Huh! We shared everything. From undies, clothes, one-night stands and even diseases.
Yes, we had the sun smiling brightly at us. We always believed we'd celebrate several jubilees and still count, but then something dark happened. I killed Keyla; with my bare hands. And no one wants to listen to me. Noone wants to know why I did. Who would actually? A 'bestie' killing her 'bestie'? I was a certified candidate of hell, they'd say; a consanguine sibling of the devil. I don't rue my actions, not even for a second. And when I do meet Keyla again, I'd do two things, smile and give her a bear hug.
I was the only one in the universe who knew Keyla loved both sexes. It wasn't a bit difficult for me to cope because we both respected each other's preferences and decisions. When Keyla first told me she wanted to eat me, I hugged the demon in her and told her life wasn't like that. She couldn't stop it. We'd shag men and she'd still want to feel some feminine hands on her skin. I needed to help my friend but I wasn't willing to compromise. So I hooked her up with other bi-s and gay girls and let her sate herself. I was okay with the phalluses around me. What really did a bitch have to offer me? Nothing but some drained cunt.
Years later, when our youthful exuberances had doused a little in us. Keyla told me she felt like settling down and had found a man. A man I knew nothing about? I thought we were best friends, I actually did. But then she palliated me with the excuse that she wanted to surprise me with the news and the guy in question was yet to pop the question. I took it as good news, thinking she had finally conquered that bi-spirit in her and I was elated. So when Keyla married Dani, I felt this surge of relief and prayed she found bliss. As for me, I just didn't want marriage yet; I was too busy with my career.
One day, I received a call from Dani telling me he wanted us to have a tete-a-tete. It was my bestie's hubby so I complied. There and then, he told me how Kaylene, their six year old daughter always complained about pains in her genitals and Keyla acted like she never heard the little girl complain. They had had series of arguments before he finally decided to come talk with me. It wasn't like him to table their family affairs straight to me, anyways. I was scared. I knew Dani was oblivious of Keyla's little secret but then she stopped a long time ago. It just couldn't be her. Who wouldn't know someone was tampering with little Kaylene? Looking up at Dani, I could see the hurt in his eyes but lacked the right words to say. I'd talk to Keyla, I later said and Dani pleaded with me again to, reminding me that I was the one person she always listened to.
I didn't talk to Keyla immediately as I promised Dani. I had a lot of battles going on within me. I knew Keyla wouldn't do that to her child, she wasn't a gay paedophile let alone one who'd give into incest. So when Dani called and told me they had both taken Kaylene to the hospital and the doctor after examining her reported the child only had an injury, I breathed in relief.
The day I killed Keyla was her wedding anniversary and we both had agreed that I'd come assist in the kitchen affairs. As a sister that I was, I left my house quite early so we could start work before the guests began to arrive. Dani had gone to fetch some groceries, it was just mom and daughter who were home. I was no longer a guest so I just walked in without a knock but silence greeted me. Their house was quite big; a duplex, so steadily, I began checking each room after confirming the kitchen was empty. As I got to Kaylene's room, I heard hushed voices. Keyla was talking to Kaylene but it was as though Kaylene was sniffling.
"Just be a good girl, Kaylene, it won't hurt." Keyla apparently said.
"I don't want the injections anymore, mommy. They hurt."
I leaned closer on the doornob and then I saw it, I saw the dildo, its size was small, compared to what she and her gay sisters used back in the day. I saw her send it gently into Kaylene's pudenda while the child could only cry. I saw her molest her innocent daughter. I saw her practically shag, or rather, abuse a minor, her daughter. Then I saw the chariots of fire Elijah used to get to heaven descend on me and I banged the door open. She didn't let me hit her without fighting back. It was as though, the best friend she had in me was suddenly possessed by some imaginary spirit. I didn't know I was pulling my best friend by her hair so hard. When I got tired of pulling her hair, I picked up the flower vase on the table and ended its life on Keyla's head.
Kaylene's sniffle brought me back to life.
"Aunty Karen, will mummy hurt me again?" I kept mum, watching the lifeless body of what used to be my friend seep out blood as I cradled the child whilst tears flowed endlessly from my eyes. It was my fault. Everything was my fault. If I hadn't supported the fact that she was bisexual, if I had only told Dani from the start, poor Kaylene wouldn't have experienced this and it wouldn't have gone this far. When in hell's name did Keyla lose her sense of humanity? To think that she could do this to her own daughter! I just wept on trying hard to comfort the crying child.
Dani returned and found us in his daughter's room, shocked to see his wife sprawled in her own blood. He stared at me quizzically and all I could mumble were intelligibles mixed with sobs. He knew I killed her. He knew why I did so. The stark naked Kaylene revealed it to him. But he never knew that I knew ab initio that Keyla was the brain behind their daughter's pain. I watched him sink into an abyss of dolour trying to comprehend the fact that his late wife was a bisexual paedophile and had the guts to abuse their only child. When he asked me why I never told him from the start, my only excuse was I thought Keyla had stopped it.
Twelve years crawled by and Kaylene became a big girl. She shuffled between my place and her dad's who had remarried. One day, I returned from work to find a bunch of girls in the house with music blaring from Kaylene's room. That was how she was, just as her mother and I used to be. I ignored them as usual knowing full well that when they were done with their party, they'd come out. As I walked to my room, I remembered I left the key with Kaylene.
Quickly, I opened the door and the sight that greeted me was indeed an eyesore. An orgy! Right under my nose. I knew I used to be wayward but really, mine hadn't attained such gravity. The problem wasnt even the orgy; that the girls weren't in Kaylene's age grade but were inchoate adolescents judging from their undeveloped cleavages was the problem . That was unthinkable. What was happening? Kaylene and three other girls,little girls, were making out. Was this sole heredity or what? Or Keyla's ghost had possessed her daughter.
After all I did to train this child right, she still was the chip off the old block. I did nothing at first. I just wiped the tears from my eyes, walked into my kitchen and picked up a knife. What I should have done years ago when Keyla discovered her preference.

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