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Chapter 7 (Twisted By Faithlyn Williams)

POSTED 12/24/2017 07:09
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When morning came, Olivia was more than ready for a break from the spiraling emotions converging on her. She was away from the office for only one week and she was already antsy. She felt as though the last one week had been a damn horrific year, and she was more than relieved that it was finally over. Now she could go back to her normal routine, her work pattern. No more conflicting emotions with her work. Her work was her life and she won't let anything distract her calculated work life.
Richard wasn't on bed when she awoke. Not surprising, rather relieving. She wasn't ready to confront him yet. She needed a quick shower, then she'd dress up, eat and finally head to work. She never allowed herself the luxury of being late for work and she wouldn't start now because of him. She'll rather deal with him later, when she got back. Fortunately for her, he must have gone out and she won't have to face him yet till she returned, she silently prayed.
"Richard!" Olivia pounded on the door and shouted at the top of her lungs. "Richard Woods, you will open the door for me this instant."
Everywhere was disturbingly quiet. How could Richard lock her in? The clock was ticking. She was expected to resume work today from her special off. But she was trapped in her room, her cellphone was missing too. "Please, can someone tell me this is a dream," she muttered to herself. How could Richard do this to her? She hated confines and he knew that. This is not happening. "I swear to God, you'll regret this, Richard. Coward!"
Olivia heard footsteps and identified the tread. It was coming towards the direction of her room. The pace was lazy and unhurried. She could imagine the pleasure on his face as he would expect her to beg and plead. Never. She would never beg him.
Richard walked around to the corner of her door and pressed him palms flat on the surface, then pressed his face to the door. "Baby, you called?"
"Get me out of this room, Richard."
"Do you need something, dear? If not, I can't grant your request."
"How can you lock me in on my work day, Richard?"
"Forgive me, my love. It's for your own good. I don't want that Aiden guy harassing you anymore. You know I love you and I don't want you getting hurt." "You're beast, Richard. You don't love me. You don't cage someone you love. And it is you who hurt me not him."
"Darling, please don't say that. You hurt my feelings with such words. What I did was a mistake and I'm so so sorry," he whined as he crouched down, splaying his hands on the door, as if trying to touch her from there.
"Quit the drama. It doesn't suit you."
His mood changing like the skin of a chameleon, he growled. "Don't try to piss me off. It won't bode well for you."
Olivia voice rose. "Well, excuse me all to hell."
"Not a bad idea, though. You might like it there."
"If you don't open this door now, I'll crush your privates, I swear." Even as she said it, she doubted the possibility.
Chuckling, he stood up from his crouching pose. "I'll take my chances, Liv."
Without another word, he left.
"Come back here, Richard. Pray I don't get my hands on you. I'll squeeze the lights out of you, I promise."


Aiden wasn't particularly fond of traveling when in a bad mood, but work called and he had no other choice. His flight to Sand Springs, Oklahoma wasn't anything exciting. It was boring and filled with dreams he'd love to see come true. Hot, juicy, tender, frantic, terrific, mind-blowing sex replayed on his mind. Taking away his peace of mind.
He and his assistant were having lunch in the Ron's Hamburger and Chili restaurant on S Adams Road. The grilled chicken sandwiches were piled high with rare tender shavings and served with a strong, creamy draft root beer; its flavour rich and full, and its aroma caressed his senses like a gentle breeze on a mid-August day.
He wolfed down his sandwich while Jeff silently ate his patty melt and sweet potato fries.
"You were hungry," his assistant observed. "Want some more or another meal?"
"I guess I was. Not really. I'm okay with this."
When he was done eating, he pushed aside his plate, and when the waiter came for it, he ordered coffee. He was halfway through it when he noticed that his assistant was staring at him and they hadn't spoken much over the food.
Jeff remained silent, observing him, wondering what had gotten to his boss. He looked sullen, emotionally drained. Not good at all.
"You gotta spit it out or it's gonna eat you up."
Jeff had earned his loyalty and trust. He was the only person in whom Aiden confided, the only one who could criticize him without thinking twice. He accorded him respect buy never failed to point out his misgivings.
"I'm sorry, Jeff," he said now. "I'm not in a good mood for company."
"You'll get around to it," Jeff said.
"Get around to what?"
"To telling me what's been itching you since we flew up here for the business contract and why you insisted I come for lunch with you when you ain't in a good mood for company."
"I hope you didn't have other plans."
"Not really. Just concerned about you, Aiden."
"I wish everything is going to be okay by the time we get back to San Antonio," he grimaced, looking wistful. "Jeff," he hesitated, then said with uncharacteristic shyness, "there's a woman involved. A woman I love very much, but she's with another."
"I doubt that's a good line to thread. Another man's property is off limits."
Jeff's quick reply brought a frown to Aiden's face. He signaled for a refill of his coffee and, after it had been poured, closed his hand around the steaming mug, staring, saying nothing.
After a long pause he took a sip. "He's using her and she isn't his property. How can a man hurt someone he claims to love? He's an animal, I'll kill him if he hurts her again."
"Yes. He hurt her once and I held myself in check because she requested I don't do anything silly, but a second time will take him straight to hell."
Jeff blinked rapidly, and Aiden could guess the reason for his assistant's surprise. Jeff never knew him to be the violent type. And he wasn't but wouldn't mind trying to protect his own.
"I mean it, Jeff." He mumbled shaking his head as if to clear it of any conflicting doubts. "You won't understand it, until you're in it."
"Oh?" His assistant's expression was suddenly grim. "This woman loves you back?"
"Yes. But she's afraid to allow herself love completely. She's fighting it. We both love each other. Well, we were lovers before I left for a while, but I'm back for her, for good."
Jeff folded one small hand over the other and settled them on the edge of the table, more than ready to listen.
Aiden was quiet, his eyes turned a darker shade of midnight, his face a burning furnace. He wasn't going to say more. Finally Jeff said, "This isn't like you."
"No, it isn't. "I can see you're deeply troubled. You hardly have what I would describe as a coltish temperament and dependent spirit but I sense you need someone you can lean on; for advice and comfort. If she's rejecting you, give her some time. She'll come around when you least expect it.
Images of Olivia flashed through his mind: her troubled look, anger, frustration, desperation, yearning and hurt all mixed up in her stormy gaze. Then he remembered when they first met: her inviting smiles, shy but encouraging response, enticing glances in his direction, her sweetness, love and delight bloomed in every sigh and murmurs of pleasure they shared. Reprises of them echoed inside his head, threatening to take away his sanity.
In a voice grated like sandpaper, he said, "I'll stick to that advice, and I seriously hope she doesn't take long in coming around. My thread of patience is thin."


"Where is my sister?"
"I have no idea where she is. I should be asking you, since you're the only one she runs to."
"I've been trying to reach her for days now to no avail."
"That's a pity."
"Look here, Richard, if anything happens to my sister, I'll have your head on a plate of flames."
"Oh dear. I'm shaking in my boots.
"You don't know how to shake. You're a pampered son of a bitch, but I bet you, you'll regret messing with a Bittner."
After the unexpected call, Richard went into Olivia's room and saw her crouched at a corner.
"Good morning pretty lady."
"You son of a bitch," Olivia growled from the corner she was. "Let me go."
"Not a chance."
"What has gotten into you?"
Laughing hard, he shook his head, "Love has gotten into me."
"You're sick."
"Sick in love, darling." He bent down and touch her cheeks and she pushed away his hands. He laughed and stood up, moving towards the door.
"You'll regret this, Richard." She tried to shout, but her voice cracked.
Richard gave her a dirty and amused look. "Can't wait."
"You've locked me up here for days. What is it you want huh? Tell me."
Moving close to her he forcefully dragged her up, ignoring her question. He had had enough of her ranting.
"Leave me the hell alone." She tried to struggle free but he was stronger.
"You asked me what I want and I'm going to take what I want." He caught her arms and shook her roughly. "Stop struggling with me, damn it. You're only gonna hurt yourself the more."
"Fuck you!" There was a spark of rebellion in her eyes, she pushed at him and when he tried to hold her, she slapped him crossly on the cheek with her free hand.
He was shocked. "Damn it, bitch. You just crossed the line and you'll regret it."
He grabbed her and threw her on the bed. She struggled to clamp her legs to put him off as he tried to pry her legs apart with his knee. He slapped her hard when she didn't comply and squeezed her neck, choking her. She tried to scream, scratching him with her nails. "Shut up, bitch. Stop fighting with me and I might consider being soft on you or else I'll ride you to hell. The devil wouldn't mind some company, you know."
He wound a handful of her hair around his fist and pulled her out of the bed, pushing her to her knees as he quickly got rid of his shorts and crammed his erection into her face. "Make it good. If you hurt me, I'll pull out your fucking hairs out of their roots."
Tears of pain and humiliation streamed down from her eyes as he moved her head up and down in jerking movements. In desperation to get him off as quickly as possible and put and end to the torture, she worked her mouth faster on him.
He pulled at her hair and pushed her to the ground. "Not so fast dear, I have other plans."
He pulled her nightgown up, squeezing and caressing the flesh he saw there. "Creamy bitch. You want to give what's mine to that freaking maggot trying to reap what he didn't sow."
He dragged her up and pulled her to the dresser. She tried to run from him but he held her hair tighter and yanked her back. "Stay still, bitch." With a vicious sweep of his arm, he knocked everything that was on the dresser down. He bent her forward on the dresser. "Don't do this, Richard. Please."
He slapped her firm cheeks hard and she cried out. "Open your legs and shut up," he growled.
He turned her around and lifted her unto it and tried to pull away her gown, when it didn't work, he ripped it off and clutched her breasts, pinching her nipples hard. Then, turning her head, she bit his arm. He slapped her again, harder this time and leaned over her and bit her nipple hard. She cried out in pain. Her strength was drained out, she was weak and hurt. She tried to put up a fight with the little strength she had left, she clawed his bare back and face and cursed him viciously; but she paid for it severely.
He landed another slap and squeeze her neck as he drove himself into her with such force that the table scraped across the floor and he almost lost his balance. Olivia's teeth clamped down so hard on her lower lip causing a tear. She was terrified and afraid to make a sound.
Sweating profusely, he collapsed on top of her after desecrating her body. When he regained his breathing, he got up, picked his shorts and made a move to leave. After a moment pause, he turned, "clean up yourself, Liv. I'll be taking you out on a dinner date. Be sure to wear your best." Without another word, he left, leaving the door slightly open.



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