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The Silence That Killed Us (Part II) By Comfort Beatitude

POSTED 03/06/2018 10:48:13
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Papa took what was in Mama's hand, that was when I saw that it was a razor blade. Instead of his hand going to his toe, it went to Mama's leg; he gave her a deep cut and again, Mama stood there like a statue.
I wanted to say "Papa stop", but I said "Mama, leave".
Papa stood up and said in a cool gentle voice: "I will teach you a lesson".
What has come upon Papa of recent was what nobody understood. He hit Mama so hard that she flopped into the settee. Yet, Papa still headed to her.
I looked round the room, looking for something I could use to threaten him. Since I saw nothing, I went straight to him and hold his hand, looking directly into his eyes. Papa opened his mouth to say something, but immediately closed it again. Then his hand went to his waist. I knew what he was about doing; he pulled out his belt with his eyes still fixed on me.
As Papa flung the belt, it hanged on the ceiling fan which was on. Everything happened in a flash. I knew something had pushed Papa, I knew something forcefully pushed him, but I couldn't quickly detect. Papa hit his head on the standing mirror, and blood gushed out in great amount.
I stood there like Mama did when Papa was giving her a cut on her toe; I stood like a statue. My mind went blank, but Mama's scream woke me. My hands were covered with blood. Mama could only manage to stand up.
Just then, a knock came on the door, but before I could say "hold on" so that I could clear up the mess, the person walked in and I felt life left me because I knew he was going to expose it.
His words sent spine down my body when he said "you are a murder".
I opened my mouth to speak, but words refused to come. I saw him turn back into the direction he came from. I wanted to pronounce his name, but I stammered.
Mama was perplexed as I saw her paced the room with her dress now full of blood. I stared at the red colour on her dress and knew that the baby in her womb was no more; Papa caused the miscarriage.
Emeka returned with two men; one was on mufti, the other on his uniform. Tears silently rolled down my cheek when I realised they were policemen. I knew Mama would be arrested, but I won't allow it.
The man on uniform went straight to Mama, with his handcuffs dangling. He went to Mama because he saw blood on Mama's cloth; because he thought Mama killed Papa; because he later said he had heard of news where women controlled the home. But he was wrong; Mama was not like that.
I quickly broke the silence and told him Papa accidentally killed himself. I knew he was never going to believe, I knew Mama was going to be arrested, I knew Mama was going to sleep in the cell that night. Then I broke into bitter tears.
I had forgotten I was a man; I had forgotten Papa once said "as a man, you don't cry in the public, but can grief in the public, but not too emotional" and when I asked why, he replied with "because you are a man".
Mama started weeping bitterly when I was to be taken to the police station. Emeka instigated it; he had showed them the blood on my hands. As I stepped into the van, different thoughts flooded my heart.
I thought of how Mama was going to harm herself, how Mama was going to weep in front of Emeka, my younger brother just to prove to him that I was innocent.
I thought of Mama renting her cloth to stay naked or half naked in front of Emeka as curse if he proves stubborn. Then the thought of hope came too because I knew I was going to be released one day since Papa's arrogance was what killed him.

The End

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