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The Midnight Song By Aniekan Andikan

POSTED 08/15/2018 12:37
1651 Reads The Midnight Song By Aniekan Andikan, Story on Tushstories
I was sleeping peacefully, enjoying my sleep when I woke up suddenly. I wasn't sure what woke me up so I observed a little then I realized that I was in the little bed. They put me in the little bed! I hated the little bed. It was cold and lonely and felt like a prison with the wooden bars and constricted space.

I wanted to scream my protest but I calmed down a bit to check if they were around. I looked through the spaces between the wooden bars towards the big bed. There they were. Two of them. Always together, plotting and talking about things I don’t understand. Not always putting me in their conversation, always trying to ostracize me.

Wait a minute! What is going on? They were playing with each other, holding, hugging and sucking each other’s mouth. Yuck! The one that was called Daddy pushed the other one called Baby down and climbed on top of her. The play had turned into a fight. He was pressing her, making her unable to breathe properly.

She kept on calling his name at intervals "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" breathlessly, trying to tell him to stop hurting her. He did not answer. He did not hear her. He just continued pressing her, continued hurting her. I had to do something. If something happened to her, how will I eat? My food was on her–

Oh my God! He's eating my food too? The bastard!

I tried to remember what I was doing before I fell asleep. Ah! Yes! I was in Daddy's arms. He carried me about, singing some hypnotizing song to me. So that was the plan – hypnotize me to sleep so that he could come and steal my milk.

What an awful man!

There was no need to sound any warning. I had seen enough. I just had to shout. No. Scream very loudly. Better yet, screech. And screech I did.

He stopped stealing my food immediately and then ceased hurting Baby.

"Daddy, please don't stop," Baby said emphatically with her eyes closed, trying to draw him closer. I didn’t understand. I was trying to save her for Christ sake!

I screeched again, this time louder.

Baby opened her eyes and looked towards the small bed where I was. She hesitated, trying to catch her breath.

"Baby, could you please check what's wrong with the baby?" Daddy said softly to her, catching his breath too. Hmmm.

She got up reluctantly and tied a wrapper around her breasts and then came to the small bed and carried me. I had stopped screaming and was crying softly.

"My love o, my baby o. Who beat my baby o…" she was singing that awful song again. The same song he sang to put me to sleep.

I calmed down and stopped crying so that she could stop singing. I looked at Daddy, he was patiently waiting for me to sleep so he could go ahead and burgle my milk factory the more.

I lay my head on Baby's shoulder to raise his hope. What he didn't know is that I was singing a song of my own and it went thus: No sleeping tonight...night...night...night...

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