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The Little Love Story By Chisom Ugwu

POSTED 04/01/2018 17:09:13
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She was beautiful! A cherub! Her lovely ebony skin suited her perfectly, with a set of pearly white teeth that had the cutest gap between the upper incisors. Bankole gazed at her in admiration while she fiddled with the ends of her long weaved hair and bit the tip of her pen in confusion. Slowly, she looked in his direction and caught him gazing, then she smiled shyly and covered her face with her hands.
“Bankole!”Someone yelled “Bankole!”
“Yes my love!” he answered.
It was the slap which followed that brought him out of his reverie. He held his stinging cheek and looked up into the bespectacled face of Mr. Ridwan.
Looking around, he noticed that everyone was staring at him. He immediately realized that he had fallen into a trance – as usual!
Mr Ridwan, the mathematics teacher, dragged him by the ear to the front of the class.
“Bankole, since I am now ‘your love’ solve the equation on the board and escape my punishment”. The students giggled, but Mr Ridwan’s fiery stare was enough to shut them up.
Bankole took the piece of chalk from Mr Ridwan’s hand, and suddenly felt nervous. He looked behind him and saw Ayo trying to give him signals without getting caught by Mr Ridwan’s roving eyes. He looked at the equation and scratched his head,
“I’m sorry sir, I don’t know how to solve it”.
All the students burst out laughing. Mr Ridwan glared at them, and after silence fell, he asked Bankole to kneel down.
“I’ll give you five minutes to tell us who ‘your love’ is or I’ll see to it that you’re suspended!”
You know the way Sallah goats feel when the knife is placed on their necks? I’m pretty sure that’s how Bankole felt.
“Er…Ehm… Sir, I was talking about no one” he lied.
Mr Ridwan gave him the ‘I know you’re lying look'.
“You have three minutes left” Bankole was sweating profusely
“Sir….it was Grace”
Grace, the girl in question, was taken aback. She pointed at her chest in a ‘Do you mean me?’ sort of gesture. Bankole nodded and smiled, then stopped when he remembered Mr Ridwan.
“Come out here and kneel down Grace!” Mr Ridwan ordered.
“But sir, I did nothing wrong, I…”
“Will you shut up?! So that’s what you teenagers do nowadays, sneaking around and deceiving yourselves with ‘Love’. Imagine SS2 students! I’ll have a chat with your parents. But the both of you will cut grass!”
Grace and Bankole were serving the punishment when Ayo joined them after school.
“Kole my man! How far na?” he greeted.
Bankole stood erect and stretched his arms. Grace was still cutting her portion, anger written all over her face. Ayo offered Kole some cold water he bought, but when Kole offered it to Grace, she hissed and told him to stay away from her.
“Look, I’m sorry I dragged you into this mess. But he threatened to suspend me! I had no choice”
“That’s none of my business, I never knew you even existed till today! now Mr Ridwan is going to tell my parents something I know nothing of. I hate you! I hate you so much, and I hope you spend eternity in hell picking dirt from between the devil’s toes!”
“Jesus Christ!” Ayo exclaimed, stepping back in shock.
The words were like daggers in Kole’s heart. It hurt so much, not because of what they meant, but because it was coming from the girl he loved. The girl he dreamt of every night and day. The one who made him fall into trances in Mr Ridwan’s class of all classes! He had to say something to remedy the situation, but what? He took in a deep breath “Grace, I love you. I’d never want to hurt you. I’ll cut your portion of grass if you wish, but just know that I never meant to hurt you or anger you”
Ayo sensed the rising hormones and decided it was time to get going. He slipped away.
“Love doesn’t exist” Grace spat.
“But it does! it makes me see the girl I feel for every night when I close my eyes. It makes me fantasize about being happy with her and growing old together. Counting our achievements and blessings together, being each other’s strength during setbacks. Love would probably be disappointed in me for making her unhappy…”he said in the sweetest of voices as he stretched his hand to wipe the tears snaking its way down her beautiful face “…or for making her cry. Grace please don’t cry. I love you. You don’t need to love me back, but please don’t hate me”.
He leaned in, and when she showed no sign of resistance, he planted a soft kiss on her cheek, running his tongue over his lips to wipe the saltiness caused by her tears. Then he went back to cutting his grass. Grace’s heart was palpitating, she stood transfixed, and slightly brushed her fingers over the part of her cheek Kole’s lips had touched. She gazed at him in admiration as he worked. When he stood up to stretch and flashed her a smile, her heart skipped a beat and she used the opportunity to observe him. He was quite tall, with fair skin and broad shoulders, to be honest, he was devilishly handsome, with a pointed nose, red lips, long eyelashes meant for ladies and beautiful brown eyes. She giggled to herself, joining him to resume their punishment, she thought to herself ‘This should be fun’. Maybe. Just maybe, love was real.
But can someone help me tell these children that teenage love is a scam

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