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The Female Lion (Episode 5) By Obieze Martinz

POSTED 09/27/2018 11:57
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King Jama of Umu went back home and called the meeting of the other four kingdoms. They answered his call and the discussion on the round table began. The other kings decided to aid in this war against the baby girl that had become a nightmare to every living soul in the five kingdoms.

"I killed my wife because of that evil child. We must eradicate every soul connected to that child, even my son" King Jama spoke.

The rest of the kings were astonished to learn that King Jama's son was aiding the baby girl. They finalized to mobilize a great army and even involve the worshipers of the light in the fight.

"We need to invite them. What I saw with my eyes was not imaginary. The beast was real and his feet shook the earth. Nothing has defeated the worshipers of the light for centuries. That baby cannot defeat them. We must involve them" King Jama put in.

The worshipers of the light were summoned to the round table at once and there was a "but". The leader of the worshipers stepped forward as her voice echoed. “The baby girl has three eyes and one of those eyes is staring at Mba, her father. If Dube is destined to protect the child then Mba is destined to kill his own baby girl "but" if the baby girl was sent to uproot evil in our lands then Mba, her father who is immune to her magic is the evil one; who would end up killing the baby and enduring evil in our lands but if the revise is the case then Mba is our saviour. We must summon Mba. Only him holds the key that opens the spot where pain is in the system of the baby. Funny enough the baby cannot use his magic on Mba because he is immune to it. Summon Mba and put him in front of the army of the four kingdoms. Yes, gather the armies of the four kingdoms for this war"

The kings were silently staring at each other. One of the Kings stood up and faced the worshiper saying, "King Jama killed his wife who happened to be a seer like you. What do you have to say about this?"

"King Jama might have started this war but he will not finish it," the worshiper revealed.

King Jama sprang up in anger, "what does that mean?!" He belowed.

"You killed your wife who had special powers. You think that killing people liberates you from your fate but the truth is; your wife died to live to see you die. As we speak, she is in a different skin to aid Mba's daughter and her son Dube who happens to be your son too. Can't you see that your family is on the side of the enemy you fear?" the leader of the worshipers spoke boldly.

The round table was quite.


Dube landed on a dry land with the baby. The beast bent down and he dismounted and helped bring the baby girl down. He turned to look at the skies and knew that it would soon rain. He turned back and saw the beast was no longer there. But a beautiful lady was standing in white and carrying the little girl in her arms. The baby girl was waving at Dube and smiling.

"Who are you?" Dube was forced to ask the lady.

"But it is strange that you ask me that, me that has brought you this far" the lady spoke.

Dube was shocked. The lady was the beast.

"You are the beast" Dube said in a voice filled with wonderment.

"I sent the beast and I am the beast. Have you given her a name?" she asked Dube.

"No. Not yet. I don't think I'm in the position to do that" Dube said.

"Pity that you don't know your destiny yet my son," said the woman.

"I'm not your son," said Dube.

"Of course. But then are you going to wait for Mba to see this child again and give her a name? That would be terrible even for me. Now you must give this child a name now else you would be giving Mba the opportunity to name his child and gain authority over her" said the lady.

"What name should I give her?" Dube was not sure of what to call the little girl.

But the lady didn't reply him. She was just looking at him.

"I name her Agu Nwanyi; The Female Lion"

At the mention of this, the temple of the worshipers of the light began to fall. The leader of the worshipers of the light was terrified as she and her subordinates decided to meet on the High Mountain to summon their god to back them up on this mission.

"We will go for this war. We have been insulted and we need our god now more than ever," said the leader of the worshipers.

"But dear leader, are we not stepping out of the line. We should protect the baby girl. Not the corrupted kings of this land," one of the worshipers pointed out but the leader had made up her mind.

The kings and their armies were now ready.


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