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The Female Lion (Episode 2) By Obieze Martinz

POSTED 07/23/2018 13:37
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The waiting was over in Ichie Mba’s house. The baby girl has arrived but she came into the world with her legs first. She never cried like most babies do and the worshipers were shocked on what they saw with their spiritual eyes. One of them called Ichie Mba aside and advised him to kill the new born baby.
“I should kill my own flesh and blood?” Ichie Mba asked unbelievably.
“You asked us to come and witness the birth of your child and to foretell what she will become in future. I will tell you now; she is a man that arrived into this world in the flesh of a woman. She has three eyes; the third eye is spiritually hidden from ordinary eyes but I see it. We the worshipers see it. It is a black eye that keeps staring at you. She didn’t cry when she came into the world because she is a sadist. Her heart is dark. You must eliminate her”
Mba’s heart was broken. He couldn’t believe he was going to use his own hands to eliminate his own daughter that night.
“Is there no other way?” Mba asked with a painful expression.
The worshiper felt his pain and replied him “there might be a way but it is risky. If she could find love early in life she might change but the chances are slim. I can’t promise you that we will be safe in this kingdom if she lives. Kill her but if you can’t, I will”
Mba looked at her at once “Don’t touch my daughter. If she must die, I should be the one to kill her”
Dube ran inside the compound and was panting heavily. He ran past the worshiper and Mba, ran inside the hut and to the shock of everybody, collected the baby from her mother and ran outside only to see his father, The king of Umu Kingdom approaching the compound with his armed warriors. Before Mba could stop Dube, he had escaped through the back of the hut. Mba tried to run after him but the worshiper stopped him saying; “let him run with the child. If the child is evil then that boy is her weakness”
Just then king Jama walked inside the compound with his guards. The worshiper and Mba bowed before him.
“I came to welcome the unborn child into the world” He said.
The worshiper and Mba looked at each other before Mba cleared his throat and told the King that the baby had been born, what the worshipers saw would be her destiny and how a strange boy from nowhere kidnapped the child just a while ago. The king ordered his men to follow the path the kidnaper took, kill him and bring the evil child back. The guards ran off at once in pursuit of Dube, who was now escaping through the dark forest.


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