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The Devil's Curse By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 04/12/2018 12:48:43
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Last week's game was what Ralph would describe as a killer. Manchester won, I marked, Real madrid drew, I marked, leaving the rest to be checked in the morning. Those two games where what actually gave me headache. Afterall Barcelona knows how to handle Leganes, Chelsea knows how to deal with Burnley, thank God I never included Arsenal, so my ticket was safe. I slept with great ecstasy.
I felt my days of trials would finally come to an end. Yes, I'll get all my money back. I'll get the two thousand naira I borrowed from Charles, I'll get the house rent Dad gave to me which I used to stake on PSG who woefully lost to Ronaldo, I'll even get the school fees Dad sent which I used in bits to bet till it all dried up.
Two hundred thousand naira would serve as a consolidation to the thousands I lost to bet9ja. Atleast I'll pay my fees before the portal closes tomorrow. I wished I staked the game with a higher amount. Something like 5k would have made the winning up to 1m naira.
Sandra promised never to open her legs for me again if I don't buy her Gionee A1 lite. I'll surprise her. 55k will go for the house rent atleast to stop the daily rants of the Landlady, 50k will go for school fees, 90k will be used for Sandra's Gionee, I'll manage 5k, afterall Henry is there, I can always eat from his house if the money is not enough.
The following morning, I woke up very early, put on my ripped jeans with a black polo and strolled down to the betshop.
"White men go sabi me today", I muttered to myself.
I reached the place as early as 9.15am.
"Una weldone o! Good morning!" I greeted everyone grining sheepishly like those men on cabin biscuit.
"Bros abeg check this game for me", I handed the betting slip to the lady who booked the games for me at the counter.
In my heart I was busy reciting the slip ID- GK5HJA3 incase she decides to play prank on me. "Oga Your game don cut", she said from the other end.
"Huh?" My heart sunk into my stomach.
"You must be joking", I replied smiling like a little witch who was ready to do his worst. "Wetin cut am?", I yelled as she turned the screen to show me.
"Na Manchester city cut am. Dem lose to Manchester united." she explained.
I never knew Manchester city were playing against Manchester united. I remembered shouting 'Abeg put Manchester win'.
I felt like vanishing into the air. I knew school was over for me.
"Ehyaaa.... Na only one game cut am..." The man behind me exclaimed pitifully, who knows if he was ridiculing me.
My spirit left my body and went in search of the nearest mortuary where I could just go and sleep in peace.
As I stood numbly, I saw two men who were engaged in an argument, one said James Rodriguez of Columbia is now playing for Bayern Munch while the other said He's playing for Real Madrid.
"How much? Him de play for Madrid o" I quickly jumped in to take advantage of the first person's ignorance. We decided to bet 5k on it. I ran home, took my Atm card, widrew the last 4k,borrowed 1k from Kingsley, and ran to the betshop. Luckily the guy was there waiting for me. We both handed our 5k to one man on black. After surfing the internet, it was discovered that James Rodriguez left Real Madrid early this season and He's now playing for Bayern Munich.
That was how I dashed them the last money I had. Even David whom I supported was busy rejoicing as the money was shared. It was too late when I discovered it was all a set up. Behold the devil had succeeded in playing ludo with my head. Indeed He's a hardworking young man.

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