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The Devil And The Door By Emeka Mgbenu

POSTED 02/09/2018 15:25
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“…what is it that you want me to do for you, is it because I’m taller than you that you choose to oppress me?”

“Sule! Why do you talk to your older brother like that?”
“But mummy it’s true, every time he will be pinching me, pushing me and looking for my trouble….and when i knocked him once in retaliation, he made me wash plates and sweep the house for a whole week.”
Agnes was at a loss as to what to do next. Her two boys were basically tearing their house apart… themselves included; today she had come home to see Deji’s head bleeding from a deep cut, and Sule’s arm also bleeding from what looked like a bite. She sighed; she had had it up to here. From now on she would not separate the two boys… ever!!! She prayed they would eventually kill themselves and leave her in peace. Today was the last day; she would do this….till their pitiful father came home from the Americas or wherever it was that he went.
First she would teach these boys a lesson, one they would never forget… “What happened?”
No answer
“Who started it?”
No answer
Deji, Sule…how many times did I call you?
Still no answer…
“I’ll ask for the last time, who started it?”
The boys stood less than an arms length away from her, panting and casting murderous looks that said…this fight is not yet over…we shall meet again.
“When we wer…”
Too late.
With lightening speed that surprised Agnes herself, she descended on the two boys at the same time.
Age before Beauty-Deji first. She shoved Sule farther into the room.
Backhand, forehand, forehand, backhand, two hand slap, face brush, ear squeeze, head bang.
The boy was bending now…barely moving from where he had been initially. He tried in vain to parry the incoming attacks Back pound, knee to stomach, elbow to mouth, elbow to back, elbow to head. Not enough, Double elbow to head.
Deji was on his knees now, slowly falling to the ground…somewhere between tears and unconsciousness.
Not yet. This was just getting interesting. She shoved him up by his shirt collar, bright red with blood, and pushed him a few paces back.
Right hand dummy, left hand slap, waist slap, she jammed her leg into the boy’s ankles, sweeping him off balance and leaving him to land with a thud.
Sule took several steps backward….his mum’s attack on Deji had taken less than a minute, about 45 seconds…now it was his turn.
Agnes looked up from the crumpled form of Deji satisfied, she was slightly out of breath, her eyes found Sule trembling against the wall.
So small, so cute, so hairy.
Cute little monkey.
So afraid.
Just like his father.
Where would she start from?
Sule had broken into a sweat. This was the devil standing before him, not his mother.
No way he was going to hell now.
His eyes darted between the door and the devil, he had to make a run for it, he couldn’t die now.
He was too young, too innocent and the fight hadn’t been his idea. His mind quickly went to Dotun, the girl he liked in his class…he was going to give her sweets tomorrow….no way he was dying now, he hadn’t even had his first kiss yet!!! He knew with all conviction he wasn’t going to survive this one yet.
Agnes noticed the 10 year old’s eyes darting nervously towards the door. The cute little monkey was planning an escape. Just like his father, escaping responsibilities since marriage.
Sule stood transfixed to the spot, his legs unwilling to carry out the instruction his mind was giving repeatedly.
‘Run, run, run’
Sule sized his mum up, she was twice his height. They were both equidistant from the door, like a rough isosceles triangle. A mischievous smile tugged at his lips. He could reach the door before her.
Sule dashed for the door…
Agnes knew exactly what the little one was thinking; she would cut him off before he made his move.
No way!
She was standing right in front of him; arms akimbo, legs wide open. How could she be this fast?
“Where do you think you’re going?” Legs wide open? Just enough space Without thinking he dove in between her legs, he rolled forward, landing on all fours, scrambling and stumbling towards the door. A slight grin was now plastered on his face.
That was slick!!!
He would reach the door before her…
Agnes was momentarily stunned; the little one was so nimble. The Amazon stance had been done without thinking…a way to make herself bigger.
Turning as fast as age would allow, she watched him scramble to find his footing. Was that a smile on his face?
Her blood boiled over, this miscreant was trying to escape the long arm of the law. With lightening speed she pulled the carpet from under his feet.
Sule felt the ground give way beneath him; he knew what had hit him before he hit the hard cold tile. It was like stepping out of a moving vehicle. He landed awkwardly on his knee as he tried to anchor his fall. He felt a sharp pain shoot up his wrist just as his teeth sank into his lower lip.
Wincing in pain, with the taste of his blood on his tongue, he limped towards the door. No way he was giving up without a fight. If only he could reach the door before her...

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