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The Boss By Aniekan Andikan

POSTED 01/23/2018 11:49
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My boss is a cool interesting guy, a perfect gentleman. A man of principles and he’s very serious with his work. No joke at all.
Well, he wasn’t always like this. We grew up in the same neighborhood and we went through the same schools. From elementary to secondary school, before I left for the university. Even though we were from the same area, I never knew anything about him. There was nothing really particular about him so we were not really interested in him. We the brilliant ones sat in front of the class and answer all the questions while the bad boys sat at the back and made all the noise. He didn’t belong to any of the group, he sat in the middle.
After secondary school, I went off to the university. Every time I came home for holidays, I will see him in the streets with a backpack. I never knew what he was doing. It just baffled me why he didn’t want to further his education so he could become something in the future.
After I finished school, I was looking for a job. I saw an ad for a digital marketing firm who were looking for Finance Manager online and since I studied Banking and Finance, I applied. I was so surprised to see this my classmate behind the interviewer’s desk.
“Wow! Deborah, what a nice surprise.” He said, offering a handshake.
He knew my name and I didn’t know his name. I smiled nervously and returned the greeting and in place of his name I put sir. If anyone had told me I was going to call this guy “sir”, I wouldn’t have believed it.
He made it all simple for me and I got the job. I didn’t really understand what the company was all about. All that concerned me was getting the money, handling the money and keeping account. The new working environment was even more interesting than school.
Work was not like work. It was fun all through. The guys played table tennis in the office every day. That was from after four sha. It was during the game times I got to see my classmate who is now my boss in a relaxed manner. He was friendly, jovial and cool. He didn’t carry himself like the boss we Africans know. It was around this time I got to really notice that he was lowkey handsome too and charismatic albeit reserved.
Before I knew what was happening, I was crushing on my boss! It didn’t help that he was friendly too. He visited me, I visited him countless times. Whenever I visited him, I lowkey wished he would make a move on me but he seemed to be totally unassuming. I showed him all the different shades of green lights but it seemed he was totally color blind for the color green.
One day I decided to visit him at his place and tell him everything like a matured adult. When I got to his place, it seemed he was so pleased to see me. Maybe he was going to ask me out or something. I was excited until he told me he just confirmed a deal with Innoson Motors to handle their social media pages, whatever that meant.
So I still had to carry out this arduous task by myself, after I had thought he was going to do it for me. He didn’t notice that my excitement had dropped. Maybe it was the effect of making a good deal. Well, I had to the take the bull by the horn. He is a good guy, a gentleman at that. If I pour out my feelings to him, he will only respond in kind so as not to hurt me. Cool gentlemen don’t hurt ladies’ feelings.
I waited a little, when the excitement died down a little, I told him amidst drumming heartbeats that I’m in love with him. He paused for a while which was like forever for me.
“The thing is…” I didn’t want to hear any other thing again because I knew I had already failed on my mission. I had backed him into a corner where there was no point of escape as a gentleman but he magically opened a door from nowhere with the line “the thing is…” What does that even mean?
He was still talking but I wasn’t hearing anything. I had turned from facing him to giving him my cold shoulder, the left one. He held my left arm softly, gently. I died in the touch. My mind was busy enjoying the soft touch and mourning my failure to win him as my man when I heard “…the happiest man on earth”
Seriously? He was still talking about his precious deal at this critical moment? Who does that? I turned to give him my formidable look but I met something else. I met tenderness, care and genuine love oozing from his eyes. I blinked rapidly.
“What were you saying?” I asked confusedly.
“I fell in love with you the first time I set my eyes on you, the first day you came to school with your pink baby doll.” I searched his eyes to see if it was a joke.
He looked the way he does when he was working on his computer in his office, dead serious!

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