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Tauntmas By Chinemerem Achinivu

POSTED 12/31/2017 08:48:13
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Scene one

Hell breaks loose when Pastor Adebayo returns home after Christmas service at church.

Dayo: [playing PSP with earphone on his ears.] This game is sweet! Tantalizingly fantabulous.
Tope: Abeg Bayo, enjoy your game in silence, I am enjoying this movie, no noise.
Dayo: You dey craze (gesticulates) na me you dey tell no noise? I fit disfigure your face oh no turn this Christmas to crazemas, don't drive me crazy I dey warn you. [pointing fingers at her]
Tope: Nooo beat me now, disfigure my face, father Crazemas, agbaya [Pastor Adebayo enters]
BOTH: Daddy good afternoon
Pastor Adebayo: So both of you didn't come to church today, to commemorate Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith, just because of television and game.
Dayo: Dad is not like that
Pastor Adebayo: Will you shut up that cursed mouth of yours. You know the condition of this family, is just God that has been sustaining us and you chose to honour him this way. No wonder you failed your WAEC woefully, you are worse than a waste pipe. Keep wasting your life on games.
Tope: Dad, remember he is your son.
Pastor Adebayo: Will you shut up! So you even have mouth to talk, failure like you that could not clear her papers in JSCE, I sent you to learn tailoring to augment your education, yet nothing came out of it. [Kehinde, his wife marvels at his comments in the kitchen and enters the scene] Bunch of failures
Kehinde: Papa Dayo, welcome. As I was cooking the Christmas rice and stew, our kerosene finished, we need to buy extra.
Pastor Adebayo: Don't tell me that crap woman! I know what I spent just to ensure that this Christmas day runs smoothly and you are spewing thrash from that careless drum of yours.
Kehinde: Abeg abeg abeg, don't even go there pastor Adebayo, how much did you even spend? Miserable miser, do you even know how much I spent as well? To make today a success
Pastor Adebayo: well I don't have money, you are looking for who you will milk dry, it’s quite obvious. Since you also spent money on ingredients for Christmas why not send Dayo to purchase kero with your money. (tries to exit the scene but Kehinde blocks him)
Kehinde: you are going nowhere, that money must come out Gbeni! It must come out.
Pastor Adebayo: Sister of prostitutes, get out of my way now, you are just like your divorced mother who milked her husband dry and ruined her home. You are not even ashamed of yourself, you have the effrontery to ask for kerosene money, oh God why give me a complete failure for a wife? [Gesticulates] (Exits the scene) Oniranu!
Kehinde: [Breaks into tears] God will judge you, all you are good at is taunts, God will judge you. Dayo please take the kerosene gallon to mama Bolanle's shop, ask her to give you kero, that I will pay her tomorrow. (Dayo draws nearer to pacify his mother]
Dayo: okay mum, but please stop crying.
Kehinde: Why won't I cry when your dad has replaced my Christmas with tauntmas? [Tope joins her mother]
Tope: It is well mother, it is well even in the well
Kehinde: Thank you my children, you are all I got on earth, you are my treasures, I love you both so much. (she embraces both)


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