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Sweet Revenge By Aniekan Andikan

POSTED 04/16/2018 16:29
4267 Reads Sweet Revenge By Aniekan Andikan, Story on Tushstories
Minor paybacks must be to be paid on this earth. Heaven can handle the bigger ones.
It was finally going down. The day we were all waiting for, the day my best friend was going to finally marry the love of his life. My guy was very happy and I was happy for him. Well, not so happy though. My revenge was all planned and ready to be executed.
The groomsmen had just had their procession to the front of the church and taken their seats in the front row while I – the best man – and the groom waited in front of the church, by the altar for the bride's train to begin their march towards us.
Their procession was slow and dramatic. Six little girls adorned in pink satin dresses marched in front, decorated plates with constructed ropes hanging from their little necks and from the plates, they poured some pieces of colorful materials for the bride to walk on. Yesterday, during practice, the chief bridesmaid had called them the flower girls. Whatever that meant.
There were other uncountable number of girls of different age grades, wearing different colored gowns according to their age range. The bride came at the rear with the chief bridesmaids pampering her every chance she got.
She finally arrived in front of the church and her company took up five rows of seats compared to ours that could barely fill up one row.
The priest came down from his throne to deliver the sermon and to help the two love birds recite their vows. I fingered my phone inside the right pocket of my trousers. I had already opened the video from last night’s bachelors’ party which showed the groom doing some nasty things. It was going down.
The priest talked on and on and on. I was not interested in his yarns. I was just waiting for the one opportunity when the priest will ask the question that all couples dread. Then I can step forward from behind the groom, play the video before the priest and the church and scatter the marriage so that my friend can remember what he did to me and my girlfriend five years ago.
He thought it was a joke but to me he broke the most sacred Bro Code and I had to wait patiently to pay him back. The say the patient dog eats the fattest bone. I could visualize how massive this bone was as I have been patient for five years and I was just about to have the last laugh. A very big one at that.
Finally it was time to exchange vows. I brought out the phone and held it by my side. The little groom – a hyperactive young individual – bounced forward excitedly to deliver the rings to the priest and going back to his seat, he bumped into me, causing my mobile device to fall on the tiled floor of the church. I rushed to pick up my phone, the screen had gone blank. Just then my window of opportunity came up.
“Is there anyone who does not wish these two to be joined together in holy matrimony for reasons whatsoever? Speak now or forever remain silent.” The priest said to the audience.
The couples looked around anxiously. No one stirred.
“Shit!” I said to no one in particular and then pocket my broken phone.

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