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Son Of Man By Light Mark

POSTED 08/09/2018 13:17:13
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Nebuchadnezzar was the spoilt brat son of King Nabopolassar whose anthem was 'hustle'. He was masculine in every way. He loved travelling, smoking rare grass and gambling. He was a super confident trickster with a big ego. Known for every other regular bad thing except womanizing. An honest portrait of a 'one woman man'.

He had hommies all over Neo-Babylonian Empire and they were loyal to him. Always in for soft hustle and anything that kept the bucks coming. His father died and he gave up his rogue lifestyle, returned home and became King. As a King, he was brutal to the outside world but to his wife he was still the baby boy that always got chased by her father, before her father knew his royal identity.

King Nebuchadnezzar fancied art so much that he established one of the first museum ever built by man. Actually, he had no interest in creating world news or trending on social media but he loved seeing things happen. He loved making things happen.

Marduk, his personal deity, also enjoyed a good load of his generosity as its temple was paved with colored stone and lined with molded golden lions. As a trickster at heart, he understood the value of having the smartest brains in the land. He also surrounded himself with men of different perspectives, lords of varying disciplines and creative thinkers.

Amongst these men were the popular Hebrew boys; Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego. Nebuchadnezzar also had a secret adviser, an alchemist. He was famed for his out of this world invention, he then was kidnapped and brought for the King's private service.

His name was Alikija. Alikija once during his session with the king made an utterly ridiculous claim. In fact, it was blasphemous.

"I have come up with a way to travel through time. Back into the past and way way into the future. Your majesty, I don't intend to make it public cause it seem to have some strange consequences on the traveler and your people will either deem me a god or the opposite. And I can't manage both!"

King Nebuchadnezzar’s reaction to those words was rather strange. He laughed and went to bed. Subsequently, Alikija became the most resourceful mind to the King. His advice was held in high regards, his trips through time exhumed information on war tactics used in dynasties of old which was valuable in conquering new territories and gaining allies.

King Nebuchadnezzar slowly became number one most influential man on earth, Forbes ranking. In one of Alikija's voyages, he came back with tales of a God, same deity of the three Hebrew court men.

Alikija explained that in the future, a boy will be born by a virgin and later become God. He is the 'son of man'.

The King especially loved the 'son of man' moniker cause of its poetic quality. He listened to his adviser. Alikija spoke, described and narrated. The King frowned, smiled and nodded.

"Thanks for this information. You need a rest for all your travels. You are a loyal friend. We'll see tomorrow."

The sly King wanted to know this son of man. He had a plan. Weeks later, all blogs and news networks had a single one thing to say.

"There is a golden statue of the King built at the center of the capital city. In recognition of his great achievement and fame, every citizen will come out and at a set time bow to the image of the King. Whoever doesn't, or forgets to, will be thrown into a burning hot furnace."

The air is dense. Fireworks lurking the skies. Men drinking, women gossiping. Giggling at the background. A father with daughter on his shoulder, pointing at a huge golden sculpture with folded arms.

One wacko screams, "Long live the King!"

Others laughed. Few nodded. The time is finally right.

The trumpet is blown, harps heard, flutes follows and other musical instruments. Every face on the marble floor. Three men standing. The King smiles. Guards leads them to the King. He explained the terms with a sharp sense of anger.

"Bow or be burnt!"

Shadrach replied,

"Our God who we serve is able to save us" then he shifts his gaze to his brothers "But even if he doesn't save us, we won't bow to your image of Gold."

The fire guy was a racist so he heated the furnace by seven times.

The Hebrew boys were thrown into the fire. The overzealous gaurds who insisted on throwing them into the hottest portion of the flames got roasted. The king watching. Everyone's eyes glued at the flame.

Nebuchadnezzar’s right eye brow rises oddly, his jaw drops slowly, then he coughs loudly but no one hears.

He is shocked. It's true.

"I freaking made the SON OF MAN show up! I am a badass scheming King!"

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