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Red Roses By David Lein Victor

POSTED 02/26/2018 17:28:13
2631 Reads Red Roses By David Lein Victor, short story on Tushstories
'Of what importance is development if it doesn't get to the grassroots?' Global Leader, Chykah said with an ardent interest to take the movement to a global prominence.
'It is like a car without fuel. No fuel, no movement,' Secretary General, Zainab cuts in.
Two years had passed and the kind of intense advocacy for a female president the Save The Nation had brought into existence was still reigning and trending all over the country.
They were friends, a group of five and were inspired to take an action following the incident that occurred in the life of Zainab.
Zainab, Chykah, Blessing, Adiaha, and Oluchi have been friends since when they were children. The burning affection between these five was likened to a stream; all flowing in one direction.
Being advocates of love, peace and altruism, these five would never give in to a cause that is unjust, or a movement carried out in the dark. They despise any form of cheating and they would always crave to end the flow of injustice.
Should we talk about beauty? Elegance? Classiness? Character - the beauty of the mind? These five possessed all of these. They were near perfect.
'I think we must initiate a "Call to Action" for all the women's associations, groups, and socio-political movement in the country. What do you guys feel about we convincing them to merge to form a platform?' ChinyereDistinguished said enthusiastically.
With over two-thousand members on board, Save The Nation had never been neglected when it came to national and international affairs. Even the United Nations was attracted to the wonderful programmes of Save The Nation. Indeed, there is power in the coming together of women who have put it to themselves to make a change but, would the global movement to produce a female president in Nigeria yield a positive result? Would Save The Nation accommodate a consistent persistency in the global movement they've created?
'Brilliant!' Chykah said in astonishment on hearing the idea to initiate a movement that'd bring about the coming together of all the women's platforms.
'We'll discuss this at our next meeting.'
The Global Leader ended the meeting and adjourned it with a seconded adjournment from Lizzy. And the executives made sure that the departure of over two-hundred members was successful.
The reason these five decided to cause a massive change which at the end gave birth to Save The Nation was that Zainab was robbed of her right. The one plot of land bequeathed to her by her dad was sold by her dad's friend who was an influential politician.
What a world! Why would a wealthy man deprive another of their belonging? Zainab's effort to bring to justice the evil deeds of her dad's friend dissolved entirely to nothing and bitterness. He won the case in the court of law and afterwards threatened to destroy Zainab. Nigeria! Injustice and wickedness have definitely become a part of you. Thanks to the friends of Zainab who stood by her and made sure to persuade her to relocate from her home.
'Save The Nation!' Chykah exclaimed while standing at the front of over ten thousand women.
'With love our religion! Altruism our tribe!' The women all shouted with their hands in the air.
With VicToria, Erhu, Lizzy, Lota and Temitope, broadcasting and entertainment was made easy. Victoria already brought in Duhcee, Agatha and Vera to do a lot of writings which would be published in several newspapers. Erhu already created a live stream space on her brainchild of five years ago (JustReadNg) which started as a platform that promotes the reading culture amongst children to enable the youths to catch it live. Lizzy and Lota would give a very inspiring talk on the essence of the movement while Temitope would be using her melodious voice to thrill the audience.
The idea from ChinyereDistinguished on merging came to be after two years of hard work from all members of "Save The Nation". Indeed, it was a remarkable day to see over ten thousand women in the cause to produce a female president.
'My sisters,' The Global Leader, Chykah began,
'Our gathering today will give birth to a new history and I believe each and every one of us will live to see us continue making history. My next President of Nigeria must be a leader. I mean a true leader and a leader is by definition, an innovator. He or she does things other people haven’t done or don’t do. He makes new things. He makes old things new. As one author puts it "leaders must be right-brain as well as left-brain thinkers." Nigeria needs a president that will lead brilliantly not just from his mind, but also from his heart. In other words, a president that will serve with greatness and goodness. A president that will serve with all his or her might. My next president of Nigeria must have exceptional intellectual skills with deep humanitarian instincts. A president that does not romanticize or sentimentalize the difficult circumstances of his childhood. Rather, use his acutely painful experience as a source of life-long compassion and concern for Nigerians especially the poor majority. A president who will engrave his name in history. With our nation greatly embroiled in economic and social turmoil, and other age-old dilemmas, the president’s purpose must be to preserve the true meaning of democracy-- “government of the people, by the people, and for the people". A president who is compassionate, kindhearted, and modest. A president with extraordinary empathy that will put his or herself in place of poor Nigerians to experience what they are feeling and to understand their motives and desires. A president with a crowning gift of political diagnosis of what is wrong with our nation and with solutions. A brilliant thinker and masterly orator who will move Nigerians through his or her humour and kind personal presence. A president who will direct, manage conflicts, motivate, create a new status quo that will forever be maintained. A president who gets up in the morning and is more excited because he’s nervous about the burden of 190 million Nigerians squarely placed on his or her shoulders. And if the president is not nervous every day he gets up in the morning, then he or she is dead. My next president of Nigeria must be able to see everybody as somebody and must eradicate wickedness in the nation by advocating for love. My next president of Nigeria must be a strong advocate of love, peace, unity, altruism and harmony. So far, those making noise about the presidency, in my opinion, do not meet these qualifications of my next president of Nigeria. But then, it will interest you to know that we can really make one, not just one, but a female president if we use the authority and the powers we wield to search for the passionate one.'
With joy and enthusiasm, the crowd made a loud sound with a heavy round of applause.

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