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Pepper Them Gang: Nene's Story IV By Xia Ekenna

POSTED 03/01/2018 14:38:13
2617 Reads Pepper Them Gang: Nene's Story By Xia Ekenna, short story on Tushstories
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Jumoke wakes up in a hospital bed and sees a nurse by her, attending to her.
"What happened to me nurse" she asks.
"You fainted in Dr. Olayjnka's office, and we brought you here. Your vitals are stable, you'll soon be able to leave. Just calm down the doctor will be with you soon" The nurse replied.
Jumoke nodded and closed her eyes and then flashed back to the moment in the doctor's office. Nene's face danced before her and she jumps up shouting "Nene, Nene!!"


In Nene's Office.
Titi heard of what has been happening and came to the hospital. She enters Nene’s office, and finds Nene thinking.
“Wonders shall never end.” She claps as she walks close to Nene. "Nene o, abi all this happened? Where are they sef?"
Nene sighs "Please, I'm not in the mood, I have a lot on my plate now" Nene said to Titi who was already seated and waiting to hear the story, all the story.
"Okay then. It’s alright. Are you okay?" Titi asked.
"Yes, thank you, but...
"Dr Olayinka, the patient in room 202, Miss Jumoke Odie asked to see you, she seems to be troubled about something. She woke up shouting Nene!" The nurse said as she entered the office, cutting Nene short.
"Okay, thank you" Nene Said.
Titi stood and followed the nurse. "Where are you going" Nene asked her.
"To see for myself nah, hian. Since you won't tell me, let me go and see for myself" Titi replied.
Nene stood and followed her. "I don't want you to go and start a scene there. Let me go with you"
"Better" Titi said.


Room 202… Jumoke's room.
Titi and Nene stood by Jumoke's bedside listening to Jumoke who was crying at this time.
"The nurse told me you're Dr. Olayinka, the owner of the hospital, But I know you're Nene. I'm so sorry Nene. It was envy that led to everything I did. I was jealous of your beauty and brilliance. Then, the boy I always liked started liking you instead. It made me so jealous that I planted all that love letter and money in your bag. I'm sorry" she begged.
She wipes her eyes and continued.
"I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have told all those lies against you. I made my mother throw you out. I didn’t know what else to do. I was frustrated. In fact, I'm even more frustrated now. I got pregnant and dropped out of school, I tried to Abort and damaged my womb. We used all the money we had for treatment and surgery and my mother's business collapsed. I told mama the truth about what happened between us and she said we must not tell anyone. Maybe that's why all these have fallen on us!" She sobs on and on.
"Please forgive us" She pleaded. Stretching her hands in a plea.
Titi moved to strike her hands and Nene stops her. She caught a tear down her cheek, and wiped it away. Then, turns to say "I forgive you. Both of you" She pauses, then continues
"Your mother has cancer and it is about advanced. We'll need to start her on chemotherapy, then surgery. Plus her hospital bill and the blood we've been transfusing, well need you to deposit one million naira by this evening, before we can really do anything for her again. You can forget about your own bill I'm discharging you to go and find the money now, if not, your mother may die by tomorrow. We need all the money by this evening, all the money." She finished.
Jumoke tries to say something, then holds her heart and faints again.


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