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Pepper Them Gang: Nene's Story III By Xia Ekenna

POSTED 02/27/2018 18:28:13
3175 Reads Pepper Them Gang: Nene's Story By Xia Ekenna, short story on Tushstories
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Compassion Hospital at 2am.
"Nurse! Doctor! Anyone? Please help me!!" A lady's voice shouted as they rushed into hospital.
Mrs. Julie has been bleeding per vagina since the night before, her dress was soaked in blood as her daughter brought her into the hospital almost
unconscious. The nurse rallied the porters and she was wheeled into the ER.
"Please sit down here and calm down, we're already attending to your mother. What's your name please?" The nurse said to the lady.
"Jumoke" She replied between hasty breaths.
She was scared. Very scared.
"Well, Jumoke, we'll need to take history now. We'll ask you questions about the woman you brought in…"
"She's my mother" Jumoke cuts in. "She's a patient of this hospital, here's her hospital card, Mrs Julie Odie. I met her bleeding, lying lifeless..." She went on and on as she explained what happened.
The nurse made some notes as she talked. When she was done, she patted Jumoke on the shoulder and said as she makes to leave
"We'll do our best, just relax and pray.”


"Nurse Uche, where's the patient relative, the relative of Mrs Julie?" Dr Ezekiel asked.
"Over there" The nurse pointed to where Jumoke sat in the waiting room, and continues to sort out medications for the patients.
The Doctor approaches Jumoke and starts a conversation.
"Good evening lady, I'm Dr. Ezekiel, are you the relative of Mrs Julie?" Jumoke hurries up from where she is seated.
"Yes, she's my mother, is she Okay?"
"Yes, we were able to arrest her bleeding, she was almost exsanguinated..."
"Ex…what? Jumoke cuts in.”
"She almost bled out, we would have lost her of you didn’t arrive here when you did. But she has lost too much blood, she needs a transfusion. We have taken a sample for grouping and she's B negative. It’s a rare blood type. We'll need to take a sample from you for cross matching, we hope it matches. If not, you'd need to buy at least three pints of O negative blood which is eight thousand naira each and we need it fast"
"Doctor, I'm AB negative, can I still donate?" Jumoke replied.
"Well, no. You can't. But we'll need to take a sample from you to confirm your group and match. Even if you can, we can only take a pint at once from you. So it's best if you provide the money for at least two pints while we wait for the result of the grouping and matching"
At this point, Jumoke bursts into a cry and starts to sob "I have only four thousand here with me, what will I do now?"
"You can meet the nurse over there and make the deposit, you can pay the rest at discharge. The owner of the hospital has a good heart. She insists on treatment first"
"Aaarh, God bless her. She must be a good person! God Almighty will surely bless her" Jumoke said, a bit relieved.
"Now make the deposit and come over to this room for sample collection". He points to a room full of equipment and walks towards it.
Jumoke rushes to the Nurses' station and makes her payment, then heads to the room the doctor showed her earlier.


Compassion Hospital: 8am the next day. Ward Round.
"Ma, this is Mrs Julie Odie, she's a former patient of this hospital. She presented last night with bleeding per vagina lasting two days, her PCV on presentation was 15% we transfused three pints of O negative blood through the night. We are yet to get a post transfusion PCV. The sample has been collected and sent to the lab...." Dr Ezekiel reported.
" Well, it’s all in the case file, right. What's your diagnosis?" Nene asked.
"ERM, ma. We were querying cervical cancer"
"She, presented three months ago, and I sent her on Pap smear and other tests. She never came back, now this? Send her relative to my office immediately we finish this round" Said Nene. "Dr, Ashley, present the next patient" She continued.
They went from bed to bed and when they were done. Nene left for her office.


At her office some time Later.
"Knock knock" Someone knocked at her door.
"Come in." Nene replied.
"Good morning ma, Jumoke greeted as she walked in. Nene lifted her face from her Laptop to welcome her visitor, she recognized Jumoke and her jaw dropped.
"Jumoke used to be chubby and sassy. Where did all that freshness go, how could she be this skinny. Could she be sick?" Nene pondered.
Then regains herself. She responded with a smile and said.
"Please have a sit".
Jumoke stood fixed on the ground. Staring right into Nene's face. Then Collapses.


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