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Pepper Them Gang: Nene's Story II By Xia Ekenna

POSTED 02/23/2018 12:58:13
3199 Reads Pepper Them Gang: Nene's Story By Xia Ekenna, short story on Tushstories
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"Aaarh Nene, Nene my daughter" Madam Julie shouted.
Nene had just walked into the room and greeted her.
"I'm sorry ma. I'm Dr. Olayinka, and I'm your doctor. She replied calmly, then smiles.
"Sorry, doctor. I mistook you for someone, sorry o. She looks so much like you" Madam Julie continued.
"I hope she's fine" She looked at Madam Julie who looked clueless on what to reply.
"I mean the Nene, I hope she is fine?" Nene smiled as she asked again.
"Oh! Yes, yes. She should be fine. Probably married now" Madam Julie replied with a grin.
"Well then, let’s continue. How can I help you?" Nene asked.
Madam Julie began listing her symptoms and kept talking. Nene stared at her, not particularly paying attention to her complaints. She imagined that day. That very day, then heaved a sigh.
"Are you okay doc?" Said Madam Julie still looking at her suspiciously.
"Oh yes. Everything is fine, go ahead. I'm sorry, I remembered something" Nene said with a smile.
She tried this time to listen, as Madam Julie continued to talk, to at least be the doctor she read to be and forget her history with this woman. She helped herself by taking notes of her complaints. Then she dropped the pen and said "You could be having cervical cancer, we can't be yet sure, we'd send you on series of tests which you'd return with next week".
"Cancer? No way. It’s not my portion. No, no no, NEVER". Madam Julie screamed, almost crying. Mostly, shocked.
"Ma, we haven't confirmed it yet. It’s still a queried diagnosis. I haven't even done an examination on you. Calm down ma."
She struggled to keep her tone low, she fought her will, trying not to shout at her and tell her how nemesis had caught up with her, and how she very much deserved it. In fact she felt like screaming "It’s your portion madam, you and your daughter's portion". She halted, took a deep breath and said "Will you climb on the couch please?"
She examined her and knew then that for sure, she had cancer. But, she must still send her for a pap smear and ultrasound and a full blood work. "It could have metastasized to other places, who knows", she thought to herself.
She completed her vaginal examination and handed her the investigation forms and instructed her on how to go about it, and Madam Julie left.
Titi who was sitting at the nurses’ station all this while waiting to see the outcome, saw Madam Julie leaving the office, greeted her and went in.
"Nene, So how far nah?"
"Which kind how far? She's a patient. So I treated her like one" Nene replied.
"You mean you didn't at least walk around and say somethings so that she'll notice you?" Titi said scowling.
"Hian. She is not blind nah. She recognized me, but I made her believe I was someone else. By the way, she may probably have cancer, it's suffering enough nah. I won't be a good doctor if I add to her grief" Nene replied.
"When she was supplying you grief nko? You too dey show mercy, go jarey. When is she coming back?" Titi asked.
"Next week, hopefully. She may really be in a bad condition. She could even need transfusion by then. I already sent her for a complete blood work. This life sef. Titi oya, to fi. Dey go abeg, let me see other patients" Nene said, attempting to push Titi away.
"Abeg abeg, no dey push me. Na only me like gist? Please, this one is Bollywood, Call me for part two. I'll be on my way my shift is over already. Call your mother and tell her this story o. Madam too-dey-show-mercy" She said as she laughs out of the room.
"Aproko no dey shame!" Nene sighs then calls "Next Person, please!"


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