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Pepper Them Gang: Nene's Story By Xia Ekenna

POSTED 02/11/2018 18:58:13
4377 Reads Pepper Them Gang: Nene's Story By Xia Ekenna, short story on Tushstories
"Aren't we all bitter once in a while? Especially when it’s definitely not our fault in anyway. Isn't it why we began this pepper them gang?"
Titi said almost shouting at Nene. Then continues,
"So, you want all that to go away, all that maliciousness, all that wickedness, all that bitterness and suffering they subjected you to? You can't be serious, I mean, can't you remember those things?"
"Well, I do. I just don't want to be that girl that retaliates, that's not what I took this oat for" Nene replied. "I remember those years, vividly, very vividly.
She flashes back to that moment.


"She's a prostitute, we have brought her back to you, we can't handle her wildness, we can't rest in our house anymore without boys trooping in and out of our house. Take back your child, she can no longer stay with us, we don't want her to spoil our kids, tueh!" Mrs. Julie said as she spat on the floor. Then pushed Nene away.
Nene's mother was sobbing, speechless, muttering sighs between deep breaths. She wipes off a stream of tears with the corner of her wrapper then says weakly in her deep Edo accent and poorly pronounced words "Ooh ke, we cannot keep begging you to take her back nah, but, why must it be now that she should start her university education, why now?" She shakes her head and stands up, claps her hands over Nene's head and says "Nene!! You had a good future, why, will you do this to I and your dead father?"
Then walks into her room, sobbing.
"Mama please, It’s not true mama. I've been a good girl with good grades in school, it’s not true oo. I beg you, it’s not true, please mama, please!!" Nene wailed as she knelt begging.


Nene remembered that moment, she always does, she has never forgotten, never. She remembered how her aunt had accused her and returned her to her mother disgracefully, she remembered how she had suffered every day in the hands of madam Julie, only to be paid back with such evil. Evil!
She remembered how Madam Julie had insulted her mother and herself and how she had stood with ego, adjusted her buba and walked away into her car.
She sighed, and wiped off a stream of tears already flowing down her cheek. Then turns to her friend and said "That was ten years ago, I refuse to be embittered, afterall, some disappointments are blessings right? If she didn't lay me off because of her jealousy, I wouldn't have been a doctor now, even her daughter that caused the charade is not half what I am today"
"The ball is in your court, you can either pepper them or allow them to win, it’s none of my business" Titi replied, and walked away. Nene adjusted the stethoscope hanging on her neck, checked her watch and it was 15 minutes gone. She sighed and walked back to the consulting room and greets her patient" Good afternoon ma"


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