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They Are On It! By Charles F-yung

POSTED 01/25/2017 09:49:57
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Just yesterday… Yes, just yesterday something happened, something that affirmed my ever-lasting impression that my village people were at work. Before I go on to tell you about yesterday, I’ll relate the events that led to it.
Alright. Years before, I had the dire obsession for gambling. I got registered in an online betting venture. I had always been optimistic that the first slip would be the winning slip. Well I tried the first time and I was winning until the last minute.
“That’s just beginner’s hard luck” I told myself, “I’d have to keep playing to win” I concluded…
That officially became the genesis to my money-wasting-spree. I’d stake on any money I laid hold on. Fortunately, I got my obsession plucked from me the day I laid the money intended for my younger brother’s school fees as a stake. I watched in dismay the team I had bet on being sent through hell fire’s wrath. Obviously, my village people had had their way and I found myself rumpling a slip staked twenty thousand naira. Father was infuriated; he had me kicked out of the house. It took the pleas of the church minister to get father to take me back in. I took a vow not to indulge in anything pertaining to gambling again.
Well I had been on the low since then not until the day before yesterday when Danny came into the room with news of how Kami (the boy who lived on the street before ours) came home a winner after playing a local gambling game, “Baba Ijebu” (A game where you get to predict a series of numbers that would correlate with the numbers to be revealed) to be precise.
“I am going to try my luck” Dany said, giving me a wink. I knew what that meant; he wanted me to go with him.
“Well I’m not” I retorted. “I always had hard luck when it came to such things. This one won’t be any different” I concluded After much persuasion I decided to go with him. He picked his numbers and I picked mine absent-mindedly.
Now back to yesterday. I sat washing my cloths listening to the morning talks on the radio when Danny ran up to me, he was totally elated – the expression wasn’t obscured.
“Charly..charly…. e don enter!!!” He said in the space of a breath.
“What entered what?” I inquired.
“The numbers you picked!!” He said grinning all over.
“Nah lie…” I said as I stood up, almost knocking over the bucket of water. I gave my signature dance (I do that whenever I taste success)
I stopped most abruptly when Danny inquired about the slip. I felt a chill run down my spine as I looked at the trouser I had been washing - the same I wore yesterday - I remembered I had put the slip in its pocket. I put my hands in the pocket slowly as beads of perspiration stood on my forehead, I prayed in my spirit, body and soul for the mercies of the lord as I brought the slip out.
Behold it had turned into WATER.

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