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Never Touch A Cane Again By Aniekan Andikan

POSTED 02/28/2018 12:59
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Wielding the whip and causing pain was the only thing he loved. Ever since he was a young boy, when his classmates were playing football or Police and Thief, he got his own thrill from walking around with a cane that was taller than him, instilling fear in other younger pupils.
He knew better than to use the cane on his colleagues. He could imagine that he would have to suffer the same pain if not more if he dared flogged any of the pupils. Despite his love for inflicting pain, he feared suffering pain more than a rich man feared dying.
He couldn't wait to grow up to become a teacher. That will give me the authority to flog without fear of being flogged back he thought to himself. In the meantime, he will just have to satisfy himself with flogging flowers and other plants he saw. Flogging them was boring because they did not protest. He once flogged a dog which whimpered and ran away. That day was the best day of his life.
Years later, in a public secondary school, he was wandering about looking for junior students to flog with his long cane. A group of senior students were gathered (He was in JS3). Two boys from the group were arguing loudly. It got from argument to shove, from shove to push and the first punch was thrown. Students everywhere rushed to witness the fight.
That sort of thing did not interest him so he continued his ultimate search for any junior student that was erring and begging for punishment. He heard more shouts from the group that gathered so he turned to look. Lo and behold, a young boy was flogging the two boys that were fighting. He was fascinated. Before he knew it, he found himself with the group observing closely.
The boy was younger than the two boys who were fighting but he was flogging them with authority, without fear. The crowd even appeared to be cheering him. He wondered why he never thought of it. He felt sad at the number of fights he has already witnessed without having to display his God given talents. From that day he decided not to flog plants again.
His new strategy was to keep an eye out for any two people quarreling or fighting so he could flog the hell out of them. He wished the boys in his school would do him a favor and fight every day. His wish was not to come true till about four months later. He was feeling pressed in class so he took permission to go out and ease himself.
Of course, he wouldn’t forget his long cane. He went to the back of the school, towards the bush. As he was pissing on the leaves he heard sounds of struggle deep inside the bushes. Maybe it’s some boys fighting. He was suddenly alert and alive as compared to when he was feeling sleepy in class. He readied his cane and snuck into the bush to find out what was happening. He guessed right, two older boys were in combat mode.
Their style of fighting was totally different from what he used to witness. Instead of the usual style of trying to put your opponent down so you can climb on top and start boxing him. These ones were fighting with their legs. Their style was more like karate. His mind did not tell him anything. All he saw were two boys fighting.
He was flog-starved for too long so he rushed in, lifted his long cane high up in the air and let it land on one of the boys, he let out a yelp. He lifted it again and it landed on the other. He got the same result. The thrill came rushing through him. He was in heaven. He continued flogging, landing one result getting lash after another, even after they had stopped ‘fighting’ and were struggling to block the cane to prevent it from landing on vital areas.
How heavenly! He thought. The only problem was that there was no crowd to cheer but he was having the time of his life until he suddenly felt his back hit the ground and two angry looking boys were on top of him. One pried the cane out of his hand and the other picked a cane nearby and both went to work.
The first set of lashes got him shouting like a mad baby dog, the second set got him rolling all over the dirt like a spoilt child that was denied a toy and the third set made him make solemn vows to never touch a cane again.
But the two angry looking boys were just starting…

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