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Moments By Uwen Precious

POSTED 06/28/2018 14:18:13
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Angela watched her husband try to get off the bed in order to keep track with the Nigeria Argentine match scheduled for seven, that evening.
He raised his legs and tried placing it on the floor, when his landing was intercepted by the ''drip-line'' that stood just close to his bed.
''Honey come on! You know you are to relax a bit. Where are you headed?''
''Sweetheart! It is the great Super Eagles of Nigeria up against our great generational rivals - Argentina. I must watch this match''.
''Hon' it is a long way to the parlour and I can't have you walk down the staircase, even with this pain.
Remember, the Nurse asked that you remain in, and that I take care of you until the liquid is done and dry. Since you didn't want no Hospital.
''Sweetheart, I know. And please, I'm not in pain. I know that I told you guys that I would be fine but my cousin will not hear. She came herself to put this thing on me. All this medical people sef''
''Hon' you are funny. See your head! It radiates patriotism. I dey feel you die. And I know your boys will win. Just give this drip thirty more minutes, it will just dry at the snap. Don't worry.''
''Thirty minutes!'' He wailed. ''That will be like...'' She cut him with a smooth kiss, and he choked-in his thought and smiled.
She could feel the rumbling and screeching from up the apartment. Her hobby was in darn need to come down. She brought down the noodles she had been preparing and summed it up with a cool drink. Giving it an interestingly inviting sight to meet. She ran up to meet him. He was there, screaming like a baby. He does this a lot when she is around him. It doesn't show immaturity or incompetency. For them, it was 'love'.
They both watched as the last wee rolled thru the flume, and into him. And they picked up the phone and called his cousin - the nurse, and she agreed that they can remove it.
''you are free'' that was what she said.
And that was it, they zoomed to the living room, in their cool Nigerian-jersey.
''Quickly, switch to Super Sports Select 4''
''Yes Honey!''
''Eh, what is that I’m seeing? 1 - 0! Jesus Christ! Kill me''
''Honey” she laughs. “Come on, there's a chance. They might win''
''Point of correction; We must win o''
After the long gaze and eyes fixed at the TV. His heart was swollen. She - his wife, wasn't that concerned. As she laughed and in the other side mocked the referee and that Maradonna guy. She tried all this to console him. But her hobby was so gloomy in look. He fell back to the ground and removed his Jersey, exposing his well set abs. That stroke an idea to her. She went upstairs and came out with just her robe. That was a sign, always. He looked up and smiled. She loosened up the robe exposing the sternum, navel and part of her comforting thighs. Just Like an ethereal elevation: he got up without knowing and they went up to the room.

The End!

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