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Mama Dera By Vechi Allen Vechilz

POSTED 04/03/2018 12:49:13
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Mama Dera, a 26 year old mother of three. Married to a vulcanizer popularly known as Oga Tayer. Oga Tayer, who was a stark drunkard, spent all his daily earnings on drinking dry Gin and other alcoholic mixtures at Mr. Do Good's ‘Kai Kai Hub’ which was just few meters away from where he fixed tiers.
Oga Tayer always came back home drunk and shabby, with the street children chanting praises of mockery at him with their loud mice-like voices. He was the real definition of a wayward husband. He had nothing to offer to his family other than to sex Mama Dera his wife.
Most times he was a victim of circumstances who ended up spending the night on the gutter and on the walkway of their "face me I face you apartment" after getting drunk. Mama Dera, an uneducated herbal mixture (Agbo) seller, who earned little money from her "Agbo" selling business, was the bread winner of the family.
She embraced the responsibility of the family ever since her husband got robbed of his "Keke Napep", a local tricycle he used in running a transport business. After the incidence, he turned into a vulcanizer, subsequently retired into a drunkard, who only derived joy from the liquor which smiled at him from his bottle.
Mama Dera, was a tout, an "Agboro".
She definitely knew her way around the streets of the ghetto where she lived. She dealt with whoever crossed her lane and made sure there wasn't a repeat of such disrespect being splashed on her again. The burden of the family was too much for her. She needed another source of income to meet up the children's demands and pay their school fees.
She lost the opportunity of attending school when she kept bad company in the ghetto where she grew up. They condemned schooling and placed smoking and drugs as living the best out of life, while her mates were going to school daily.
With regrets now raining on her, Mama Dera never wanted such for her children. So she became willing to settle for anything that could raise some money to pay her children's school fees. As the urge to raise more money for her family increased, Mama Dera then opted for an online gambling platform "Bet9ja".
After hearing the good news about her neighbor the chief gambler "Kolapo" who had just won another 20k twice in a row that week.
She faced abject humiliation from her husband's family members, who accused her of bewitching her husband "Oga Tayer" and turning him into a drunkard. Subsequently, as time played in motion, she was forced out of the house, with her 1 year old daughter whom she tied at her back and her two younger children by her husband's family members who rained accuses on her of being a witch.
Life wasn't easy for mama Dera but she had already taken life the way it was. Not feeling vulnerable to the condition she found herself, she worked harder and also increased her stakes in gambling.
Mama Dera, later moved into a partly uncompleted building few streets away from where she formerly lived with her husband. She still had her Agbo business in motion and her side hustle (bet9ja). This broke her heart relentlessly and made her smile subsequently. Her faith for bet9ja was like a yoyo, as it went up and down whenever she played.
With the little money she made, she was able to send her children to a public school and afford few books for them. She wanted them to learn and become better than she was.
Although there wasn't enough money to change her children's uniform when they became torn and shabby; Knowing too well how things were for them, her children got used to it and this made them subjected to an unending mockery and laughter in school.
Mama Dera's husband had already gotten remarried. He got married to a rich old woman around the neighborhood who flirted around young boys and had a deep clingy urge for sex. Oga Tayer was just her sex drive, which after then became her house boy who did the chores, washed the cars and rubbed her back in the other room…
He looked good physically when he came out with his newly wedded wife. But Within him, he was drowning emotionally and deep down with fake smiles because of the torture and stewardship he faced at home. Mama Dera was indeed a better wife he always thought in his mind, but it was too late already.

Every evening after selling her Agbo Mama Dera would visit the bet9ja shop close to her, to throw her fishing net. Fortunately, She won as much as she lost.
Online gambling became part of Mama Dera's life. She believed that someday she would have her break through and hit a jackpot. This routine continued daily, until one day. The owners of the partly uncompleted building where she squatted with her three children, came around to check on their building. On arrival they found out that somebody was already living there. They checked around the building but couldn't find anyone. Mama Dera had already gone out for her business that morning. So they decided to wait for whoever lived there until the person returned.
Few hours after waiting, Mama Dera made her way into the compound with the uncompleted building where she lived. She saw two men and a woman with two flashy cars parked inside the half fenced with no gate compound.
When she progressed closer, she greeted them with a mild and respectful tune. They responded with questions like:
“Who are you? Are you the one living here? Who gave you the permission to live here?”
Mama Dera was frozen with fright as she couldn't alter a word but stare at the three strangers.
“Listen madam you better speak out" one of them echoed with a frown on his face.
Mama Dera then responded stammering as she spoke, "I I I bbbe Mama Dera, I dey dey stay for for here"
“Listen madam you had better park your things and leave this place right now!!” The lady among them spoke.
Throwing her "Agbo" basin away from her head, Mama Dera knelt down and started pleading that they should give her a little time; she was going to leave. The lady sitting down in the middle, and the other man sitting on the right, kept on insisting that Mama Dera must leave right now. And they couldn't harbour such kind of shabby looking human under their roof.
Mama Dera kept on begging with tears on her eyes that she should be given a little time. And She would leave and never come back. The other man sitting down on the right then told the other two people to calm down.
…They both finally resorted to giving mama Dera a one week notice to leave the partly uncompleted building, as the continuation of the building would commence in a week after the deadline given to her.
Confused and helpless, Mama Dera drowned in thoughts. Her children noticed that their mom wasn't feeling alright, so they approached her and asked her what the problem was. In responding to her children's queries, she told them: "my children no worry, everything go dey alright".
After this event played out, Mama Dera wiped her tears, faked a smile and left her children and went to cast her fishing net in the Bet9ja Ocean since it was weekend. On arrival she met Kolapo, her former neighbor who was a kingpin of gambling at Coache's Bet9ja center.
After having a brief conversation with Kolapo on how the weekends match was going to be. Kolapo then disclosed to her that he had forecasted some games, and he believed they would enter because he had studied the football teams and their previous matches.
He added that these games had high odds and playing them with a big money other than 100 Naira could fetch them some jackpot. After the conversation, KOLAPO then gave Mama Dera the booking code of the games, and concluded that he had played his for 500naira and left.
Mama Dera had only 10,000 Naira left with her, she needed a higher sum of money so that she could afford an apartment before next weekend. As hard as a rock, She made up her mind and risked the whole 10,000 Naira on the game. It's potential winning and bonus summed up to 5 million Naira.


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