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Love And Lust By Fonky Gregory

POSTED 09/16/2018 15:47:13
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I've always had these thoughts running through my head anytime I remember Jones. Jones happened to be my first and only love. How did it happen? I always thought we would have a together forever to share.

All my life, I have never felt the way I felt when we first met. I wanted him so bad, that I sometimes felt used by my same feelings.

Being born into a very strict Christian family, I had never thought I would have anything intimate to do with the opposite sex until I was married.

This I had held unto, until I met him.

I met Jones at one of our church meetings on a Sunday morning. My dad had asked me to pick him up since he had only been transferred from the province down to our state. My dad was the pastor in our headquarters.

"Hi good morning, please are you Brother Jones?" I asked him as I approached.

He simply nodded with some stern look.

Of course I was so angry. I mean that was so disrespectful on my own part. Why the nod? Why didn’t he just say yes like a normal human being? I liked it to be recognized especially as the pastor’s daughter. Here right in front of me was a tall, dark, handsome young man with strong physique, as in 'sexy'. He looked so handsome and rough, so different from all the men I have seen in my church.

"Okay, my father asked me to pick you up" I said as I started moving towards my direction while he followed sheepishly behind me.

We got to the church, this time I didn't even care anymore about him. Yes I know you will feel am desperate but sure I was only me. I have been this girl who has lived with the belief no one has the right to disrespect me at all. Hey! That’s not pride but self-esteem.

The service went on as my dad turned to welcome the new guest from the province.

"Church, join me as we welcome Brother Jones from the province headquarters. He is here to represent the senior pastor," my dad said.

Everyone except myself began to clap for him in awe as if he was God. Then in his clean white suit, he walked in and waved to the congregation.

"Church praise the Lord!" he said "I am so happy to be here today with all of you, the general pastor sends his appreciation and blessings" he rounded off.

Oh so he is a pastor, hmmm.

The service was over and all he did was to go around greeting everybody.

"Sister, how are you? And what is your name?" Pastor or Brother Jones asked with a cute smile that exposed his beautiful set of teeth.

"My name is Jennifer and I'm fine" I replied. Of course I had to, so father will not say am disrespectful, then I got up and walked away from him.

"He will be staying with us for a while until he can get an accommodation," Mom said from behind, parting me on the shoulder. Oh mehn was that for real?

"Haba but Mom, can't the church get him a hotel room to lodge in?" I asked.

My Mom was the only person I could actually say my mind to and won't get a spank. She was always able to control us with her cool temperament.

"No dear, your father has chosen otherwise," she said as she made her way out.

"Oh gosh, this can't be" I dipped my head in my palm in disappointment.

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