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Lost In Lust (Episode 9) By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 07/09/2018 14:35
2953 Reads Lost In Lust By Aniebiet Effiong, short story on Tushstories
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2 years later. I never imagined I would be saddled with the responsibility of nursing a child at my age. Although dad provided for my baby and me, whatever father daughter relationship we had shared before was never the same. My life became difficult. My phone was ceased from me. I was not allowed to go out except to church. I became a prisoner and a stranger in my father's house. Life became unbearable and miserable for me.
During the midweek service on Thursday, the message preached was so powerful that I began to cry. That was the first time I felt the power of the word of God. I felt something falling from my eyes like scales falling from the eyes of Saul when he was healed by Ananias. I never knew when I went out to the altar for altar call crying. I confessed all the atrocities I had committed including what I did to John. I was asked by the Pastor to go and confess to John and as well plead for forgiveness from him. By this time John was out of the prison. I got his number from my phone which was earlier ceased by dad, called him all day but it was not going through.
I was like Jacob who betrayed Esau.
After three days, "Earnestly, tenderly, Jesus is calling, calling o sinner come home...", my phone rang.
It was John who called. I wouldn't believe he still had my number. I answered the call crying
"Hello John!" I answered,
"Hello Esther, how are you? Why are you crying?" he spoke as if nothing had happened between us.
"Please I want to see you. Please!!!" I said still crying.
"What do you want to say this time around? That I wanted to kill you?" He asked with a deep voice.
"No please, I want to tell you something important. You can come to our house", I pleaded.
"Come to your house? O you want to kill me there this time around?" He asked.
I cried and cried on phone, after much talks and pleadings on phone, he finally agreed to meet me but not in our house but in the church. A neutral church. We agreed on the day and time.
The following day, I told dad and mum about my meeting with John for my confession. They agreed and even accompanied me down to the church.
When we reached there, I saw John sitted inside the church. I ran inside and knelt before him as he stood up thinking I had another plan against him. "John I’m sorry for all I've caused you. Your name, education, to mention but a few. You never raped me but I seduced you. I was pregnant before seducing you because I never knew who the father was. I told all those lies against you so as to escape the wrath of my parents. John please forgive me. I know I am not worthy to stand nor kneel before you. I plead for your mercy and forgiveness. The child is not yours. Please." I confessed as I was crying.
Dad and mum knelt down pleading John for forgiveness. John broke into tears, held my hands and lifted me up as mum and dad remained on their knees. John was crying as he began to talk,
"I have forgiven you, Jesus has forgiven you" I turned my eyes and looked at mum and dad.
Mum was crying. John continued, "Jesus loves you, I love you. The child is yours, the child is also mine." I became confused.
John went on his knees while I was standing and said, "Esther, will you marry me?" I fainted.
I never knew how they managed to make me wake. I opened my eyes, began to cry again as I held John's hand, looked into his eyes and said "Yes".
The End

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