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Lost In Lust (Episode 8) By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 07/02/2018 14:25
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Immediately after getting the first mission accomplished, my family got into my mind.
"What am I going to tell mum? What am I going to tell dad?" I soliloquized.
I had another plan. I decided to tell mum that John invited me to his house and then forced me against my will. The plan looked awkward but I decided to give it a try.
After a while, the signs of pregnancy came up and began to show. I never knew that any unwanted pregnancy would lead to dismissal from school. I opened up everything to my friends since they were my partners. Rose came up with the idea of aborting the baby but it was late already. I preferred facing rustication, shame and disgrace to dying young.
After much suspicion from few lecturers, I was taken to the school's clinic, tested and confirmed that I was pregnant. The news got to the school's authority. I was invited to stand before the school's senate. After much interrogation, I told them I was forced into it by John. The news reached dad and mum within few hours.
I became an epitome of shame and disgrace. John, the final year student from the department of communication arts was arrested for an alleged rape case. I knew my principled father would either behead me on the spot or kick me out of the house for going to John's house irrespective of what happened later. "You are a disgrace to this family" dad spat fire and brimstone. "No daughter of mine will give birth to a bastard child under my roof!" His anger was unwavering in spite of my tears. "Leave this house and never come back!" He shouted.
Mum knelt down to interceded for me.
"Sweetheart that is too harsh on her. She is too young to be chased out of the house. Please temper justice with mercy." Mum pleaded as she was crying soberly.
Her tears touched dad's heart. Mum filed a case against John for defiling me, and forcing me to have sex with him. By this time, John and I were rusticated from the school. He suffered for what he was not responsible for.
18th November was the date declared by the court for John to stand a trial before the court on the alleged rape case filed against him. All the people I slept with, vanished. Their numbers were no more going through except John who claimed to have loved me.
It was exactly 9.05am, Monday, 18th November. We arrived at the court. John stood as the defendant and I stood as the plaintiff with my friends as witnesses.
"Mr John Brownson, did you invite Miss Esther Benjamin to your house on the 29th day of September this year?", My lawyer asked John.
"Yes i did", he responded.
"Why didn't you invite her to somewhere else? Maybe somewhere open?", John was asked.
"She insisted on seeing me at home", he replied.
"Was that the reason you ceased the opportunity to force her into having sex with you?" He was further asked.
"I never forced her into it, she seduced me into it", John responded.
By this time I was scared of what to say because it seemed everything were turning against me.
"Wow! Mr. John, you are known to be a God-fearing child of God within and outside the school. You preach a lot to the students. While she tried seducing you, why didn't you rebuke her using the word of God?" My Lawyer, Barr. Edwin Davidson asked him.
There was an absolute silence as John couldn't utter a word with tears dropping from his eyes.
"My Lord, thank you very much", Barr Edwin thanked the chief judge as he gave John's Lawyer the chance to start his own questions.
"Miss Esther Benjamin, you said you were forced into having sex by Mr. John?" he asked me.
"Yes" I answered.
"Why didn't you make reports to the nearest authority after the incident?" His lawyer asked me again.
"Because he threatened to kill me silently if I report him so I became afraid" I answered.
"So you didn't tell anyone? Not even a friend of yours?" the question was thrown on me again.
"I told my friends, Rose, Gift and Margaret about it and they were equally scared concerning the death threat from him" I spoke those lies with ease.
My friends stood as witnesses to all I said. John shook his head as he was shedding tears. The court became noisy.
"Order!" the judge shouted hitting his gravel.
At the end, John pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment.


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