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Lost In Lust (Episode 4) By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 06/04/2018 13:47
6203 Reads Lost In Lust By Aniebiet Effiong, short story on Tushstories
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One month later, my SSCE result was out. I had average grades. This was unlike me. I almost failed my core subject which was literature. My friends had excellent grades. Many people were surprised at my performance but I was not moved at all for I knew I was struggling to read my books due to my burning desire for sex.
The only thing that even made me escape narrowly from failing in flying colours was the fervent and vigorous prayers of mum who never slept without including me in her prayers.
"In everything give thanks to God" were the words dad used to say in situations like this.
The form for the Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination which we all called JAMB was out and mum purchased one for me. The thoughts of using this opportunity to leave the house so as to stay on my own came up. After thinking for a while, I decided to tell mum.
"Mum", as I used to called her since I was 4.
"Obongawan", she replied.
"Mum I want to study at the University of Lagos".
"Why? Why not University of Uyo?" she asked although money was not the problem.
Even if I wanted to school at Harvard University I would still go there.
"Mum, at Unilag, they have all it takes for me to be a good lawyer and it is also easier over there"
I tried to convince mum hiding my secret agenda which was, to go there and meet top class boys and girls, to meet my friends who were there, and, above all, to leave the house and be on my own where nobody will be preaching the bible every time like mum and dad used to do.
After much persuading, mum finally agreed. I knew why I went to mum first. I knew if she agreed, it is done.
In the night, I knew when mum would discuss what I told her with dad. As I was in my bedroom lying in my bed with my eyes open and my ears paying attention and listening if I will hear mum's voice from their bedroom which was close to mine.
As I was listening, luckily for me I heard dad's bedroom voice. I tossed off the bed gently, my long legs touched the saucer that was on the table and it almost fell down if not for my fastness in catching it. I kept it back. I gently opened the door to my bedroom and tiptoed to listen to their conversation.
"..but sweetheart you know it’s barely a month since she was appointed the prayer and evangelism coordinator for the youths fellowship." dad said with worry and sadness in his voice.
"Darling, I know, someone else can be appointed. Our daughter will join the fellowship in school and she can hold any position there. Let’s support her.
Remember, it is her future we are talking about." mum continued to press hard for me.
Hearing these words was not a surprise to me because I knew I'd surely be the topic and subject of discussion before sleeping. After a short while, there was an abrupt silence for some minutes. After the silence, I heard dad saying, "Yes, ok, ok, ok, sweetheart she will go." he agreed as if there was a gun pointed at him.
I wondered what mum did to dad that he was saying those words over and over. I wished I could peep through the German made door to see what happened during the short minutes of silence. After hearing what I wanted to, I tiptoed back to my room with happiness and fell asleep smiling.

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