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Lost In Lust (Episode 3) By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 05/28/2018 15:47
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The chorus time was finally brought to an end. By this time the church was calm. People were busy going out to receive fresh air. Daniel, one of our Pastor's sons was soaked with sweat as if a bucket of water was poured on him.
"Why are you sweating like a Christmas goat?" that was the question aunty Patience, my primary one class teacher used to ask me after every break time.
During my primary school days, I never behaved like a girl. I played even more than the boys.
It was time for the choir to sing. We sang melodiously. During the ministration of song by the excellent choir, the naked pictures of men I watched the previous night came into my mind. The images filled my mind even when I was singing.
Then I realized there was a great battle between the devil and I, but, he kept winning because I never had God in me though I was hiding under the umbrella of being born again.
After the wonderful ministration of the song by the choir, the coordinator of the day, Evangelist Gabriel came up.
"You can clap better than that", he said, using the new microphone which was donated by a brother the previous Sunday.
"Before I invite the man of God who is preaching today, let me use this opportunity to announce and also congratulate the new Youths Fellowship Prayer and Evangelism Coordinator." he paused and gave a jaunty smile while the whole youths including the members of the church were kept in suspense.
The former Youth Prayer And Evangelism Coordinator had admission abroad so the position was vacant for a week. "She is no other person than our own", he paused again.
By this time, since we all knew it was a she, the eyes of so many youths were on Sis Glory David, since she was the prayer warrior of the youths. A day never passed Sister Glory without going out for her personal evangelism though it was compulsory for all the youths to do so.
She was so outstanding. She preached to so many through her lifestyle and dressing. Sis Glory David was a young vibrant girl who was against the women wearing trousers and makeup in her community and she never did so without using the bible as a backup.
"Jesus is coming soon, repent!" was the theme of her life.
He continued, "Please a round of applause as I announce to you..."
"Please announce her before this people will die of suspense, we know her already" I almost spoke aloud.
"Abi?" the brother who sat next to me asked as I turned my neck to reply, "Yes o my brother".
"Congratulations Esther Benjamin!" he finally announced.
"What?" I exclaimed in shock with my mouth wide open.
"Please can you stand up for identification?" the coordinator asked me to stand for people to know me.
I reluctantly stood up with a devilish smile and waved my right hand to everybody. It never happened before in our church to announce anybody appointed into any position on a Sunday service. Everything was just weird to me.
"Ha! I am finished! This people think I’m the Esther of the bible, they don't know am not the Esther they think I am." I thought.
I wondered what they saw in me which led them to the appointment. They never knew I was as empty as an empty basket; no matter how you pour in water it won't stay inside. They never knew I was a sheep in wolf clothing. My mind was beating faster than the ticking of the wall clock hanged in my room.
To other youths the appointment would have been a thing of joy, encouragement and motivation, but to me, the vice versa was the case because my heart was black before God.
It was finally the time for sermon. Dad stood up and mounted the pulpit. Dad was one of the best preachers of his days. The topic of his sermon was "FLEE FORNICATION" which was taken from the book of 1 Corinthians 6:18-20. Immediately when dad mentioned the topic, I became more uncomfortable with everything about the service.
I felt the whole service was for me. My guilt grew more and more as dad went further to say that even those who indulge in watching porn videos will have their part in the lake which burneth with fire because they have also committed for except they repent. Regardless of the soul touching sermon, I could not repent. I was busy thinking of how I will delete those pleasurable videos off my phone. I became more adamant to repentance because the devil hardened my heart by planting a heart of stone in me.

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