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Lost In Lust (Episode 2) By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 05/21/2018 14:57
6619 Reads Lost In Lust By Aniebiet Effiong, short story on Tushstories
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It was exactly 7.30am on a Sunday morning when we were all in the church.
"Hmm... People are so early to church. What could be the secret behind these people coming to church so early? Is it because today is the inaugural and thanksgiving service of the incoming zonal pastor who is said and also known to be very vibrant and power filled?" I murmured these words within myself thinking about the earlyness of the members as I made my walk to the choir box.
"Good Morning director!" I greeted Sis. Rita, our church's youth choir director.
The lady who won the previous singing competition organized by the state.
"Morning Esty dear! Happy Sunday, and how are you?" she replied and asked, her face filled with gleaming smiles like my friend Moses who won 4 million Naira in a betting shop and couldn't control his smiles wherever he went.
"Same to you, I’m fine and thank you." I replied.
My eyes went directly to where the Pastors sat. I saw dad sited in his lovely outfit. His tux was exquisitely cut and a perfect match for his suave manners.
His cover shoe, just like a typical Akwa Ibom man would call was shining like a mirror shine. I looked at my wristwatch which was bought for me by mum on my birthday, it was 8.00am already. By this time, the instrumentalists were ready and the service begun immediately.
11.10 a.m exactly, it was time for choruses and offering. The coordinator of the service called on Sis. Rita to lead in choruses. I knew she will set the church ablaze with her powerful praise songs coupled with the fact that she was so happy.
Sis Rita was also the praise team leader. No one would easily forget the way she sang on a Saturday evening during the annual convention which actually made a lame man stand up just to dance like David the Psalmist. Through her songs of praises a woman who was blind for 9years was able to see. The news spread across the country like a wild fire.
"Make some Holy Ghost noise as we welcome the person who will lead us in choruses as we will dance, sing and offer to the Glory of the Lord. She is no other person than, Sis. Rita Odey!" The whole congregation became clamorous.
The coordinator invited her and left the stage for her to take over.
"Wave your hands unto the Lord. Your miracle is on the way!" with these words and her voice one would easily think she is a sister to Sinach.
The whole congregation boisterously replied "Amen!"
"Since I was born, but now I am getting old, I have never seen the Lord..." she started her choruses.
The whole congregation, backup and the instrumentalists responded with, "Changing! Changing! Changing! Changing! Changing!" the whole crowd erupted with dusts filled in the air.
Some carried their plastic chairs above their heads. I quickly remembered the night I sneaked out, sat as the only female in the viewing centre close to my house to watch Barcelona come back from a 4-0 deficit to overhaul Paris Saint Germain by 6-1 in the second leg. The eruption in the church was similar to what happened at Camp Nou when Sergi Roberto struck in the last minute goal for Barcelona.
"Hmm... This is no more Pentecostal oh... This is what my funny friend Jeremiah actually referred to as Pente-rascal", I mumbled within myself.


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