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Joined, But Not Together By Agatha Johnson

POSTED 05/31/2018 12:47
3493 Reads Joined, But Not Together By Agatha Johnson, story on Tushstories
Finding myself in an environment like my place of work place was not in my dream list. I was glad on that fateful morning when I was called up to start work after submitting my application few days before. Happiness was an understatement for me that day when I was told to resume work the next day. I don't mingle with people easily so those few weeks turned into months and years wasn't easy for me.
I made some friends but they became enemies when they couldn't take advantage of me. I tried to make amends but it almost resulted in a disaster of me being humiliated in front of our clients. I decided to be cool and keep my distance with all my old time friends. It wasn't easy but it was for the best since reconciliation was far fetched for them.
And as the saying goes "when one door closes another opens", so did I made a new friend few days after. It started with the help of materials to chit - chats and late nights conversation. My colleagues joined us together; they tagged us "husband and wife". It was not easy for me as I hate being gossiped about wrongly. So I tried to keep my distance and it brought a strain on our friendship.
Before the strain on our friendship, I discovered that I was seen as an enemy by my new friend when I first came into the environment. In one of our late night conversations, he confessed that he really liked me. It felt great and awful at the same time because I didn't know how to respond to his confession but he was okay with the silent. We exchanged a few amazing gifts.
Days I was too busy for a chit - chat at work, he understood and vice versa. We were sometimes also tagged "the perfect couple" as sometimes we did things simultaneously without even planning together. He helped edit some of my works and even wrote me a poem though he later gave the same poem to three other persons. Can you imagine that?
During the strain on our friendship, I discovered that I had become so attached to him. I started noticing every thing a lady should notice in a man. Things like his elegant strides when he walks; his smiles that starts with a twitch at the corner of the mouth to a large stretch of the lips exposing perfect dentition; lips that brought crazy thoughts which never fade away even when my eyes were closed; a smile that will always reach his eyes making them smaller and sexier; every composition of his face fitted perfectly as if they were measured before being set there. His body frame looked perfect to behold. A true son of the soil of the giant of Africa. He had an accent which added to his perfection. He had his short comings but I noticed the perfection. I started liking him more than I should but had to keep some distance to access my feelings.
Finally I was sure that I liked him but couldn't mutter it to him. Somehow I was scared not for him but for myself so for this reason I had to resign from my place of work. It wasn't easy taking the decision but it was necessary as he had gone into a relationship before I realized that I had developed feelings for him. I wanted his happiness and didn't want to ruin his relationship with the other lady whom he spoke more often of whenever we were together. I relocated because I needed to keep some distance from him in order not to see him much. I limited our communication session in order to get over him but this made me miss him more.
Few months later, my life looked miserable so I had to open up to him, he was happy because I had spoken up and unhappy because it was too late as he was few months away from eloping with his fiancee.
This was unbearable for me so when my boss's son indicated interest in me and later asked for my hand in marriage, I gladly accepted not because I loved him as much as my friend but because I needed to forget my dear friend. I asked for our own wedding to be set on the same day with his and that wasn't a problem as my fiancee was rich enough. I didn't stop there, I made sure that we got married in the same church, by the same priest and also the reception venue was the same too.
It was torture for me during the wedding mass but I couldn't go back on my decision though I kept hoping that someone or even I would object when the question "Is there anyone in this place that wouldn't accept this couples being joined together in Holy Matrimony? " was being asked but no one did. Life without him hasn't been easy but I've got to live, I've got to breathe, I've got to obey my wifely and motherly obligations as an African woman.

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