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In Love With A Monster By Elias Paul Onah

POSTED 03/26/2018 15:19:13
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The day is going well until the devil comes to steal my joy. The shop opposite mine is a boutique owned by a petite young lady who is about five feet, four inches tall. She is a brunette with her silky long hair resting on her back. The freckles on her nose and right cheek make her look more appealing. Her smooth black skin glows. Her pink colored gown with gold designs on its edges is tightly fitted on her body, with her boobs partly covered making the contour around her cleavage more noticeable. She is laughing hysterically with her arms at akimbo as a beautiful young lady who introduces herself as Vida, haggles the prize of clothes with her. I could see her cute dimples as she smiles, she looks beautiful. I’m sitting on this plastic chair positioned adjacent to the boutique with my palm clutched on my chin and my elbow resting on my thigh as I eavesdrop on their conversation and stealing lustful glances at them.
“No, I’m not gonna sell you this fine gown for that small amount of money,” she says, pouting in an alluring way while readjusting her bra as she struts, swinging her hips, towards the direction of the gown on the mannequin, feeling its texture in a fashionable way while staring at Vida. “Just take a look at the gown, if you are at home with fashion, you gotta agree with me that this is one of the latest fashions in town.””She feels the gown some more and says, “Just feel the material, you will know that it’s a quality one. This gown sells like hot cake. I assure you, if you just step an inch away from here, another desperate customer with a higher taste for fashion will come and buy it. You know it’s the last one we have in stock, and with the urgency with which you need the gown, I’m not sure you will be patient enough to wait till I come back from the market next week," she says, smiling and shrugging her shoulders as she winks at Vida, her customer.
“I kinda like this gown. I intend wearing it on valentine’s day which is three days from today. But the gown is damn costly, you know. Only one gown for a whooping fifty thousand Buhari Naira. It’s freaking exorbitant, you know." Vida raises her eyebrows as she smiles toothlessly while staring at the boutique girl.
The boutique girl smiles, as she prances in a seductive manner to the left wing of the shop, she leans on its wall and starts rolling her eyes and smiling gleefully as if to expose her diastema. She cups her boobs and draws her gown down to expose them some more, making her nipples to show from her translucent gown as she rolls her tongue and twists her flexible neck like a snake. She casts a romantic glance at Vida as she catwalks towards her.
She touches her hair, “”I love your hair”,” she says as she winks at her.
“Thank you”,” Vida says as she looks askance at her.
“You are beautiful”,” she says, massaging Vida's face with her palm.
Vida withdraws herself backward like one who is electrocuted with a stern look that says, 'are you tryna seduce me?” She starts. “Thank you, you are beautiful too," she adds, halfheartedly.
Her romantic moves leave me with a bulging groin. Who wouldn’t enter this one chance? Even a castrated man would be moved by such an exotic romantic move from such a girl with flawless beauty, let alone a complete man like me with a joy stick dangling in between my legs. But Vida seems not to be moved by her advances. Maybe because she is a woman like her. She stands unmoved, like a statue, with her arms folded over chest, smiling. It is not a normal smile, it is an awkward smile, the smile speaks deeper than words, and it speaks disgust. It disgusts her that her fellow woman was trying to seduce her. Yes, because from her body language, one could tell she is trying so hard to seduce Vida.
My mouth is agape as I watch the melodrama, fueled by an uncontrollable libidinal urge, triggered by this boutique girl's seductive moves. I'm sure she is sent from the pit of hell to hypnotize sexually active men like me. Yes, because I had already flopped even when she had not even made a move to seduce me. I had already fantasized making love to her. I drooled and wished she could just redirect her seductive moves towards me, I would have gladly fallen into this temptation even in the presence of this girl she's trying to seduce. I would make her moan until she reaches cloud nine. It startles me how one could try to seduce her fellow woman, when a lustful man sits right behind her. How could one live in a river and decides to bath oneself with spittle? Or could it be that she is possessed by some jezebelic spirit? Does she not know that she has a killer body that every man will do anything possible to have her laid? Does she not know that her presence itself is giving me instant boner? Does she not know that men can even pay her to be seduced? Does she not know that her body is a temple that every sexually active man yearns to worship without a pang of guilt? I shoo the wild thoughts away with a wry smirk before it lands me into trouble. Heck! Is it in my place to dictate how one should feel with her own body? By the way, who wouldn’t be attracted to such a quintessence of beauty? I thought.

Damn! The boutique girl just caught a glimpse at me as I get carried away by her seductive escapade. She is covering her face with two of her palms in shame. I can see guilt written all over her face as she contorts her beautiful smiling face with a frightening scowl, may be as a defensive mechanism. Vida, her customer turns back and looks at me with a look of surprise. They are just seeing me for the first time. Her face brightens with smile. She has brown eyes, pointed nose with tiny nostrils that one wonders how air even manages to pass through those tiny holes. She rolls her eyes and stares at me with her furrowed eyebrows and smiles, displaying her beautiful set of teeth. Her eyes glow with beauty. I’m smiling back at her with a tingling sensation. I like her charming smile and cute dimples.
The boutique girl is no longer shy, she is smiling at me now as she draws close to me with her seductive moves. Vida, her customer stares at her and cringes in disgust. I think she feels indignant that the boutique girl is trying to outsmart her to be the first to win my attention. I’m enjoying the drama, as I wish for the opportunity to win the heart of at least one of these two queens of awesomeness, competing in beauty and elegance. The boutique girl still wears her charming smile as she licks her lips, walking towards me. Damn, she has reawakened the fire of lust burning in my heart with her seductive moves! Oh, gush, my heart is melting! The beauty of her smile makes me smile. The Smile I’m smiling is not an ordinary smile, it is the kind of smile that makes one fantasize falling in love with an angel and living a happy life together ever after.
She turns back and faces Vida who now wears a sullen look of jealousy akin to that of a girl whose boyfriend had been snatched from her by her best friend. I turn my face away from them and pretend to be busy fiddling my phone while still stealing lustful glances at them. She turns back and finds me smiling sheepishly as I ogle at her.
“Hey, dude, what’s up?” She says, as she stands before me with an alluring smile.
“I’m cool, and you?”
“I’m fine, what’s your name?“
“I’m Paul, and you?”
“I’m Tabitha”
“Oh , Tabitha, it’s a pleasure meeting you,” I say, smiling.
She giggles and covers her face with a tinge of feminine shyness, “why are you smiling, you’ve been smiling all day, are you not yet tired of smiling?”” She says as she rolls her eyes.
“No, erm, erm, I’m not smiling at you, I’ve been smiling at your smile”,” I stutter.
"Crazy funny dude," she says, giggling, as she raises her eyebrows. She winks at me with her tongue out, licking her upper lip in a seductive way that tingles the nerves in between my legs. My heart tells me she wants me. I smile as I take a step towards her with my heart pounding. She in turn smiles and advances towards me, opening wide her arms to give me a hug with her lips shaped to plant a heartwarming and mind-blowing kiss on my lips. A kiss that will take me to cloud nine. As I’m about to wrap my arms around her succulent body to feel the warmth of the twin towers on her chest and plant a hot kiss on her pink lips, I see my heart jumping to my throat.

What I’m seeing before me right now is not the beautiful girl I had fallen in love with, minutes ago. The beautiful girl I had fallen in love with had transmogrified herself into a blood sucking monster with fire burning in her eyes. The glow in her eyes can make one go blind instantly. Her fingerlike claws are about nine inches long and sharper than razor. Her tongue is as red as crimson, long and smeared with blood. Her eyebrows stood ajar like the wings of an eagle. Her body shines like the burning sun, melting the shirt with which she wears, so that her pink color shirt becomes as glamorous as the sun. There is a fiery flame of fire on her forehead as she emits a high-pitched shriek and screams in rage, with droplets of blood dripping from her mouth down to the ground. My heart beats in a thudding sound as if it’s going to jump out of my body. I could hear the violent sound of my heartbeats. I’m gasping for breath, convulsed with fear. My shivering knees and joints are going numb. I’m unable to stand the sight of this vampire as I watch it about to drain my blood, leaving my body like an empty container, dead. I wish I could just develop wings and fly away from this bloodthirsty monster. I wish the earth could just open up and swallow me alive. My adrenaline rushes and Goosebumps flooded all over me as I pant in fear. The fiery sight of the vampire brought chills down my spine. My trouser has been soaked by my own urine. Ah, I've even messed my trouser with my faeces too!
She pushes me to the ground as she growls like a famished lion that is about to feast on its prey. I find myself lying helplessly like a log of wood as I resign myself to fate, expecting nothing else but my doom. She wields her fingerlike claws on my chest and mounts itself on me, gluing my body on the ground, so that I could not move even a finger. Ouch, I feel a sharp piercing pain that touches the core of my heart! I struggle to loosen the grip of her venomous claws, but it appears the harder I struggle, the more aggressive she becomes. She pierces her ravenous fangs deep into my throat. The moment her fangs penetrate into my body, I feel an excruciating pain that tears my heart apart. I scream, using the last ounce of strength left in me. I can feel the echoes of my bellows vibrating the entire foundation of the earth, as my voice gradually fades away into an eternal darkness of a moonless night. I feel a torrent of blood flowing in waves out of my body like a raging storm in the sea as the vampire sucks my blood, making sure no single drop of blood is left in my body. I feel my soul leaving my body to a land only the immortal can tell. As I wake up from this error-stricken nightmare, I discover my mouth is smeared with blood. I'm panting and sweating profusely. I look through the nooks and crevices of my room with a torchlight, no single soul is found, not even the sound of rats and cockroaches which have always kept me company. The night is as quiet as a grave yard, except for the sound of owls and some diabolic nocturnal birds, which keep serenading through the night. I'm confused. Confused like the roaring of waves. Why is this blood on my lips? Could it be that I was the vampire feasting on my own flesh?

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