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The Fearless Hunter By Bolaji Ajayi

POSTED 01/21/2018 09:43:48
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‘Today he shall die.’ He murmured as he picked up his new hunting gun.
He was about to set out on his journey, his wife came and kneel before him with the heaven of praises and sonorous songs, he smiled and held her closer to himself.
‘Permit me to ask you a question.’ She said, like the world will come to an end with the way she bowed at his feet.
‘There is absolutely nothing I can't do for you.’ He replied.
‘I heard you murmuring about death and someone shall die, my crown, I hope all is fine? I don't want to be a widow. I pity the sun as she shines alone at noon, please what is happening?’ He opened his mouth in amazement.
‘Don't tell me you are not aware of this unknown spirit that has been disturbing the peace of this Mongudu village. It has been discovered that this spirit lives in Lakondo forest and just as fearless as my father was and being trusted by the people, my attention has being drawn by the king to the worrisome issue that is giving the whole town a sleepless night, my queen, let me assure you, I shall bring you the news of this bastard's death.’ He smiled with his red eyes like that of the god of thunder.


It was a beautiful sunny day but it was dangerous for the people of Mongudu village to go out of their hut houses. Morogunyo was moving with the highest pace he could, like a rat being pursued by a cat, he walked till he got to the river side, and he decided to rest and drink water, as he placed his gun on the ground and moved towards the river he felt a strange breeze like that of an angry storm, he could not go any further for a drink but he started chanting incantations.
Suddenly he saw this strange animal coming towards the direction of where he was standing, he rushed for his gun but to his greatest surprise, the animal was nowhere to be found, he looked and searched and searched but all to no avail and since he could not find the animal again he proceeded on his journey like an hungry lion searching for prey.
While he walked deeper into the forest, he remembered a remarkable song of his father which had earned him victory several times before his demise, he started singing it as he moved deeper and deeper into the forest.
Morogunyo was in the forest for complete three days without seeing any spirit nor animal again apart from the strange animal at the river side, so, he decided to invoke the spirit of his ancestors to make enquiries on what next he should do, he was told to remain in a spot and rest, that, the spirit will come in due time. He made himself a wooden shade and hid his head from sun.


From afar he heard his name ‘Morogunyo oooo, Morogunyo oo, Morogunyo oo.’
He listened again with his mouth wide open.
‘What is Fadeke doing in the scary forest?’ He picked up his courage and set out for war.
As he got outside, he saw the spirit with one body and twenty one heads. Each had a single eye at the center of their head. He summon his courage again and face the spirit.
‘Why have you decide to waste your life?’ The spirit asked. ‘Did your father not tell you how he ran like a baby at the sight of my shadow?’ It asked again.
‘Today I shall take your ashes to the king and my people.’ Morogunyo replied.
Without wasting time, the spirit fired a magical shot at Morogunyo. He fell on his knees but in no time he was back on his feet. He fired a shot back, followed by a close shot from his gun.
Two heads fell from the spirit rolling aimlessly on the ground. The spirit got angry and offered sixteen of his heads as sacrifice to the ground to swallow Morogunyo alive.
As was Morogunyo was going deep into the ground, he fired several shot but all the shots were useless against this spirit, then he invoked the spirit of the gods of his village and that of his dead father.
He was half buried in the ground when suddenly a strange thing happened, the ground refused to take him in further. It vomited him back out slowly. He saw his father and the protecting spirit of his village, they all chanted to invoke the god of thunder to burn the spirit, as the spirit was burning, they commanded the ground to open up and swallow the spirit and immediately the ground opened its mouth and gobbled up the spirit.
Morogunyo thanked his gods and he was warned that no one should hunt any animal for seven days in that forest and that he should make sacrifice when he reached home to appease the spirits of the forest and the gods of their village.

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