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Heights By Uwen Precious

POSTED 08/07/2018 12:47:13
2411 Reads Heights By Uwen Precious, short story on Tushstories
“Never fall in love with a moron. Or a man whose mind’s crowded with twigs of ‘wants’ and momentary ‘lust’ away from your person. Never compliment a man whose flaws equals a mountain, cause its repercussion would limb lonely days, soaked pillows, acnes and possibly – psychological instability. Never adore a man so much to the extent that you tell him what he needs to hear: cause of those sparkles you see in his eyes, so charming and bright. Cause of the way he lays his hands on your body, that it’d make you screech for more. Or cause of the way he swoons you that you feel rivers of that eerie tasteless nature shoot out from inside you, to rest on the cotton beneath you. Or Cause of the way he preaches love to you in the quietness of that room. Or the fact that he diligently looks at your eye, and can only go beyond your nose level, all in the name of the zeal he has towards you. He loves you. He wants to be with you. He can’t live without you. He has been telling you this for quite a number of times and all that... ‘Never tell a man the height as to which you can go for him. Never confess the plans you’ve got in stall for your man, it could spoil him, and cause him to live a life not worthy of adulation anymore. Notably, learn to please your man, even if it means you losing your true self; even if it pushes you to rough walls. That’s how heroines are born. Truss your man to you, because most times the minds of men tend to become callous and mysterious, it may want to divulge and make him go randy. Give him reasons to be loved and make sure you are his beloved. In all, never summarily tell him the truth that he deserves so much respect; that he has been a chivalrous and loving man, it could spoil him. If he asks for things off your limit and length, give it to him! Even if it means a threeso…”

“Okay ma’am you’ve said too much,” Hailey interrupted her mum.

“Come on! You know I was being silly just at the end”

“Mum! You – play? That’s a blatant lie. We know of your escapades and several failed love stories. You don’t even know where the fifteenth man, whom you called my father, is. Talk less the many ages I have cautioned you about all these your ogling movements around men. It doesn’t suit you mum…”

The couch moves. A creamy leather shoe scrubs the tiled floor. A young man with a trans-generational smile and beard like those of primeval times, but in this case, well kept, readjusts. He is wearing a light greyed polo, which displays his huge arms and well set abs. A sight of him can turn you off and back on. He croaks a loud laugh. Has he been hearing them?

No! He is on his head-set, listening to anything that’s so funny. Hailey’s mum gives this her daughter’s fiancée a leering look, like those faces twiggers give, when they seem to have found bait. But this act was secretive, neither her daughter nor he, saw the expression on her face. After the distraction caused, they return to their talk.

“Hailey I’ve heard you. I must have done a couple bad things in the past, and like I’d always be sorry to say ‘I had you by mistake,’ and I had tried to erase you from the face of the earth when I discovered I was a month in. But nothing seemed to be working out, even the best ‘Abortion hospitals’ euphemized to be ‘Problem solving Centre’ cut across this city couldn’t do it for me. And some doctor said it would make me worrisome and something like that. Whether he made that statement consciously or not, I'm so glad he did. Look at you! Look how big and worthy a person you’ve grown in times past. And me, ‘I'm just a schmuck’,” tears dropped from Hailey’s mum’s eyes.

“Oh mum! Come here. I am so sorry,” Hailey threw a huge at her mum.

She immediately fell in. While they hugged, she waved her hands for her daughter’s fiancée to see, as Hailey laid her face on her right shoulder; backing them. He immediately pulled down his head-set in grave gesture like he wanted knowing what it was. And surprisingly, Hailey’s mum pouted at him and bit her lower lip. What the hell! That was the kind of look he gave.

On Kayode’s part, he has a bit of a past. He was nasty and all glued to the oldies (women). But he wasn’t ready to tell his fiancée about her mum and himself in some situation like that. It is complicated. He feels it was going to be shaming and that she would have a different picture of him. So, he conceived in his mind to wait until it was the appropriate time.

Beforehand, Kayode shocked Hailey when he requested that they go see her mum. He told Hailey that he’ll love to meet her mum. But, he was astound at the sight of this particular woman he had once reckoned with in a very consensual heated moment months back before he decided to stop his bad deeds and marry the love of his life, Hailey. Is he really going to call her Mother-in-law? He met Hailey in a silent Club in the city, known for accommodating folks that might be going through some emotional trauma. And they have strippers too, of both sexes. It is a popular place. The routine is; get a bottle or more, chill yourself with a stripper of your choice, and erase that drowning feeling.

He walked to Hailey, whose eyes were glued to this particular male stripper that danced with a pole, and pulled down his pants to a length as a way to please his audience. And that act aroused Hailey so deeply.

When he got there he had said ‘Hi,’ and when she told him her name was ‘Hailey’ he jokingly put it as ‘Hey Le!’ They were both drunk.

So with that joke made she laughed out loudly. Eventually they had it that day, just on the first meeting, at her place. She asked that they go there. From there, they grew tightly stitched together.

Back to reality, Hailey and her mum are still hugging. Now, they slowly withdraw their bodies. Her mum was with those teary eyes. With the scenery looking so emotion-filled, Kayode diverted his attention from watching ‘funny-ranting’ videos on Lasisi Elenu’s Instagram’s Page and watched them wipe off each other’s tears. He heard no sounds, but only those images and beautiful sounds of Hailey’s mum flooded his dreamscape at that moment. He remembered how he didn’t have to pay Hailey’s mum because she rejected it and applauded him for having her sink in and out of ecstasy the night before the morning she had to leave. She kissed him on the forehead and left. It’s been sixteen months since that happened, “who wouldn’t keep that kind of ethereal experience in his/her head?” He hurriedly withdrew his attention from the thought of it and re-focused on what he was doing, before he experiences a normal process underneath his pant.

Weeks had passed and Hailey and Boo visited her mum’s place consistently. Kayode knows about her story, and he calls it a sad one alright. Be it any case, He is still going on with the marriage plans. They were at the verge of conducting the necessary traditional rights and introductions. Whatever was to happen, it all looked blossomy and smooth to Kayode. Until one rainy afternoon when he drove into Hailey’s mum’s compound and quickly locked his car and ran to the verandah for shade. He had tried Hailey’s number several times and there was no response. He knew he had phoned her forty minutes ago, and she said she was at her mum’s. He decided to knock on the door, but there was no response again. He fiddled his phone for a while until he got tired. So he held the doorknob and twisted it downwards, and thank God it opened. He joyfully ran inside and found undies littered on the couch. His mouth was left ajar when he saw his fiancée’s favorite pant lay on the edge of the couch. He was puzzled. So he took a glance at the living room and flicked his keys and headed upstairs. He checked two rooms before he heard catchy moans coming from the door that was slightly closed. He moved and peeped and ‘Holy Crap,’ it was Hailey and her mum – unclad – initiating touches on their separate bodies. Hailey was between her mum’s legs. And he saw her mum breathing heavily, biting her lips, holding tightly to His fiancée’s hair and calling her out to go in deep, while she raised her brows in utmost ecstasy.

“O M G!” He croaked out. He placed his hands on his head and made sure they both saw him.

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