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He Comes Bearing Gifts By Olatunji Triumph Tega

POSTED 03/09/2018 14:48:33
3159 Reads He Comes Bearing Gifts By Olatunji Triumph Tega, short story on Tushstories
Victor walked down the rows of chairs in his classroom, not really paying attention to his classmates who were up to their usual devilry. He was thinking about her again. About that fluttering butterfly. Rophia. She hadn't been to school this week and it was Wednesday. Was he the only one who noticed her incessant skipping of school?
Come to think of it...
He'd never heard her utter a word to a fellow student before. She only talked to teachers.
"Victor, have you done Ogunrombi's assignment? We'll soon have his class."
His mind totally switched gears and he forgot about the girl he'd been dreaming of.
The next day at school, Victor felt his heart do 4 jumping jacks as he spotted her light skin making its way through the class door. Break took forever in coming... The timekeeper must have slept in class. Maybe he had Mrs Akerele's period.
He sauntered over to Rophia's desk as she brought out a lunch box...
"Big geh like you... Still bringing food to school."
She just paused and stared at him for a little eternity.
"Kai... I was joking now Rophia... Try to be lively."
"What do you want?"
"I just want to talk to you sisi."
"You mean, do my parole?"
Caught... Victor tried to change tactics.
"Nooo... It's not like that. I noticed that you didn't come this week so I decided to find out why."
"And since when do you care?"
"I care... Okay I get that you might not be comfortable talking in person so can you give me your Facebook ID? Please Rophia."
He started to turn even before finishing as he knew it was futile.
"Rophia Komolafe."
"Thank you!"
On his way to his desk he was stopped by Bose who asked rather vehemently...
"What are you doing with that witch?"
"Be careful who you call a witch Elenu fife..." With that, he shouldered past her into his row.
That night he sent her a friend request and waited forever. He fell asleep with his phone beside him and his data switched on.
"Damn! Mi o pa data sha!"
Phone was dying... But he did see a notification with the R word on it. Elated nevertheless, he hurried for school. Third period and she was nowhere to be found... On top of that, God of war had caught him at mini mart and ruined his posterior nerve endings.
Fridays are meant to be fun damn it!
He got home and showered and change... His phone had charged thank heavens. Quickly zipping to Facebook, he sent her a quick
"Hi, didn't come today again?"
Almost instantaneously, she replied with...
"Afternoon, helping mom at shop."
"So you na skipped school? For that?"
"Well yeah... Just drop it." Well he wasn't going to ruin his chances because of that.
"Hey... I've always wanted to tell you something..."
"I already know, you like me abi? It's what they all say."
"But I mean it Rophia... I do."
"Sure you do. I'm not in a position to be in a relationship."
"I'll wait."
"You will grow Abraham beards."
"I don't care."
"Okay... What topic did we have in biology today?"
They kept talking over the months, he kept bringing up his love for her, and she kept shooting it down.
One day she sent a message while he was preparing to visit mum who was ill at the hospital.
"I'm going to travel soon. Let me give you a chance Victor."
He quickly replied...
"Where? When?"
"Well... I don't know how to say this Vic."
"Oh... I have to get to the hospital... We'll talk about this when I come back okay?"
"Oh okay."
Victor got to the hospital and greeted the nurse who always smiled at him when he came.
He walked down to mum's room.
"Good morning mum."
"Baby, good morning. How's the house? Did Tobi pass his test?"
"We're fine mum... Stop worrying. Here, I brought breakfast."
"Oh thanks son... God bless you."
"Come on mum... Just try to eat some fruits first."
"Oh that reminds me, please take some fruits to the person next door. She's been a very good friend."
"Mummy you ehnn... Always giving. Okay oh."
Victor picked some fruits into a bowl and walked to the door. He knocked on the room's door and heard a weak voice say...
"Come in."
He balanced the bowl in his palm and walked in, stopping to blink in frantic shock at the equally astonished Rophia in the bed in front of him.
"W-wha... What are you doing here Rophia?"
She quickly recovered... Faster than he did.
"I came to plait my hair lol."
"Be serious joor! It's not funny."
"Fine! You know how I keep skipping school almost every month?"
"I have Sickle Cell Anemia. I come to hospital every time I get a crisis."
"Noooo. Stop joking."
"I'm not!" His world came crashing down...
"You're going to back out now abi? It figures."
"No! I really like you so don't say that."
"I kne- What?"
"Yes... I still like you, so are you going to give me that chance?"
"Yes... Yes I will."
That was 4 years ago... Today on her 21st birthday and their wedding day, Victor stood at the altar. Just staring in disbelief that the day was finally here. After the days of agony. The nights filled with tears.
His phone rang out in the church.
"Victor... Victor... She had another crisis this morning."
"Okay... Is she okay? Give the phone to her!"
"I'm sorry son. God took her. He t-took her t-to b-b-be with him."

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